Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Perfect already Sri Baba of Sirdi channeled satsang #1

Channeled satsang Sai Baba of Shirdi 8/22/18

i speak my heart
i speak in love here
as i will not be sitting in any other way
but as one that is complete
in complete unification in the self
never out of that am i

i live in this way
when i walk here in the garden
i breathe in music that is here
my friend the garden
the garden is not apart from me
watered with love and care
that rains from mother
the mother
the creative force

when i walk
i no speak for many many time
for many time i no speak
and this is something that was not an effort
for i was in my heart so deep
that all was like a dream for so long
and nothing seemed to touch this heart of God
that rang of all religions
of muslim, of hindu, of catholic
or all that has manifested to be called religion
this was all here in the feeling of one
of one
of one orchestra
so i no speak for many time
and this is the way of my life
when i was on the planet

this left me vacant of anything that i could
name as my personal self
that vacated my soul
no longer feel that way
as i walk in this garden or land
this vacancy left nothing in me but light
as i walk this land of mother's creation

so no longer will i speak like i am a separate form
will i speak this way never
so my way of speaking is same as anything else that speaks
like the rain, the breeze, the thunder, the snow fall
all of it is my same voice
this is me

this one that is speaking
is clear of what one could say a physical way
or a physical solid way
this never was what i am

so i no speak here for so long on this planet
not because i feel i want to be anything at all
but because the voice of these religions came together as one
or the voice of "all" was consuming me so complete
that there was no need for speech
for that spoke enough
that was the communication that didn't need
me to put my tongue over it
so i no speak for so long
this tongue stay still
no speak
i can not say anything to make better
was is perfect already
this here people
this is true now

you no use words to cover over mystery
no need your words
it no need your way of judgement
it no need you to manipulate absolute
it has it's own communicating way
it no need you
it doesn't need you to get in there and try to
work with anything
it is already there

so what i say to you is be quiet
and not construct your own reality
reality already exists
it exists
so you just need to be quiet
let that rise up
to be felt like this garden
smell it
taste it
love it
let the rain fall on your face
your eyes
your head
and feel that as reality
not with things like i want, i need
this i speak with silent tongue

stay mute stay silent so long
stay blind stay deaf in my physical way
in my judgement way
but not blind
or deaf to my heart ever
it make no different what my body do
this heart is always beautiful as it is
so how can this baba make different this heart so beautiful as is?
this no can happen

so i say this to say be as i am
mouna, still and deep in surrender
when i walk here
but i not in that way now
that is done i am in way of light now
i am in way of pure light now
no body to see yet i live
i am
i am