Saturday, December 28, 2013


allah, seated in the heart
as non-dual perfection
living in sinless beauty that shines 
as all
forsaken of the world 
and without impurities 
within timelessness and joy

allah, measured only by 
love and light 
perfect in silence 
perfect in calm presence 
and shed of coverings 

allah, pure spirit
present in equal quantities unto all
not of this world and not 
of a speck of darkness
as a light unto itself 

allah, messenger of joy
thou comes to the world and 
speaks in silent beauty
to what is real 
and what lies beyond the desiring mind 
as a light full and glorious 
thou comes to the world 
holding up the ones that are sincere 
and holding up the ones that are 
not sincere 
and holding all up as one heart 
holding those that walk in light 
and those that walk in shadow 
holding all up as one heart 
holding those that are as saints 
and those that are as sinners 
holding all up as one heart 
holding the rising of creation and 
holding the decay and death
holding all up as one heart 
holding the majestic moon that 
and the sun too and the still waters 
and moving tides 
and the creatures that crawl and fly 
and swim and play
and the seasons that change and bring 
such beautiful wonders in their wake
such as the opening of buds and flowering 
of color and life 
and deep mysterious darkness and changing 
shadows and light 
that abound for all to enjoy
holding all up as one heart 

allah, messiah to the soul that sleeps 
and lifter of shadow 
glory is your name 
glory is your beautiful presence 
that lives in all hearts 

breathe this spirit that lives my seekers 
and feel it's perfect breath in 
your breath and feel it's perfect 
heart in your heart 
as one you will be then 
not as two 
for this is not real like a ray extends 
from the source (the sun) 
so your being is not separate 
and manifests from the source 
and is one unto it always 
may this blessing abound in your soul
and may you drink heartily from it's wealth
as a popper that comes to undress his 
rags and throw them in the river 
to find then that he is always as a lord 
of himself 
and not at all wanting or desiring to be 
something better 
how it is found then that all is one heart 
nothing missing ever 
not for an instant 
what a blessing 
freedom incarnate 

om shanti

Friday, December 27, 2013

perfect core

a man came this morning
he was free
he came and sat by the water 
he came and sat still 
where has he come from? 
the non-dual perfection
where has he returned? 
to the beautiful one 
where has he always been?
here ...

whence have you come oh 
whence have you come?
have you not come from the 
same perfection?
I is not your true name 
and you have not ever entered 
the world 
except in your dreams 
you have not entered where the 
pefect core has been soiled 
you have always been still
yet you follow the road of desire?
where has this lead you?
why have you not simply remained 
stillness is what is here 
and it is in you 
and it sings of life always 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

a true monk

a monastery is not a place
that is like one thinks
it has within it all kinds of levels of
practice and monkhood
that many times is not focused on
non-dual reality
but more like a practice that solidifies
ego sense of *i am this or that*
when a monk is in this type of mental
way, he is more like a tool or instrument
for God
this is fine for what it is --
it is certainly better than being driven
by negative desires and running around
without any beneficial focused center
a monk, though is not meant to be like
one that is caught up in doership
he is to be focused on work in
the flow of life as one
he is to be focused on work as it is,
not separate from his being
he may wear ochre robes or buddhist cloth
or white or black or what have you
but he is not those outer things
not now, not ever
he is a perfect heart that is to be in love
with the SELF which is non-dual
when he first comes to the path
he has a past that is haunting him like
dream substance that speaks of his experiences
that have now gone
he is to see that these experiences are not
happening now
they are gone and over
dead, buried and not to return
only he revives them in his mind
they are not real in terms of
being of substance and constant being
so he looks not to the past in the way
of attempting to understand it
but simply pays no attention to the images
and thoughts that rise and fall
his home is in the *now*
it is not the monastery or his past where his
family lives or anywhere else
it is in the *now*...

a monk is not a monk if he is caught up in
his identity with outer appearance and action
he has then simply changed identifications with the world
to something that he feels is more holy
this is not at all correct
no man is holy if he *thinks* he is holy
and no man is free if he *thinks* he is free
he has simply attempted to convince himself of
and this is so very false and can be more
harmful than thinking one is simply a persona that
is acting in the world
now, instead one is a persona that is *up high*
this is not at all in line with God and surrender
there is no *up high* or *down low* in truth
truth is and remains always *one*
it is not given more to one and less to another
it is not given out according to actions and appearance
as these things are not real
(in the way of being lasting and eternal)
it is within all hearts equally and does not change
to accomodate ego, not ever ...

a monk is a true monk when he is surrendered
and *living* the scriptures which means
one is *living* the path as it is laid out by Guru
and all that have come to liberation
which means the ego is to *die away* into the fires
of purification
the death that brings *eternal life*
there is no getting out of this or going half way
which is what ego would love and hopes will take
it is a true death that burns completely the persona
and all feeling and thought of separative existence
though this is not at all appealing to ego
it is the best thing possible that could happen to a soul
as this one is then out of the realm of
mistaken knowledge which brings in it's wake

the monk that is *true* is many times not
even noticed
he does not stand out
he does not gush his devotion about this or that
he does not try to gain affections are try to talk wise words
he does not try to be anything at all to anyone
he is simply quiet within and flows along with grace
and the heart that is of all hearts
he is like a sun unto himself
and he shines of his own light in his own being
that is slowly melting away in the light of God

a monk is not a thing to be taken and placed in a box
and when his time of being a monk is done
and the path is complete
what is he then?
simply himself
he is no longer bound by this or that or here or there
or needing of tools any longer
no more of this
he is what he has always been
the SELF

Monday, December 16, 2013


have you gone to the sea tonite?
if you do
you will see me there
dancing in the water
by the bright wild flowers
as the shadows play about
and the sun sets behind the
sturdy mountain range
i will be the blooming bud
on the lovely tree that spreads
its branches far and wide
i will be the feel of sand under your feet
and the fresh breeze on your skin
i will be found in the stars too
for they sing of life
i will be found in the moon
and changing tides
and all that is sung and unsung
for i have no more home to go to
i have no more place to call my own
i am as the air and the play of life
that goes on
i am not in the mind
i am in this moment
spark of life that is as one
and you are here too
oh my precious seeker
you are this life too
and i know this about you
can you find it?
and then we are as one heart
and this will be known
and this will make the stranger
called pure life be yoked to your soul
it is the same as God
it is the same as perfection

have you danced in the moonlight tonite?
i have
and it is in me now
as i sit by the river silent
it is in me like all things
the sky and the birds and the
i have sat for many an hour
by this lovely river and felt
it fine in my heart
as the most beautiful thing
and i have felt the morning sun
on my face
and felt it fine in my soul too
for it is like the first day of birth
that is a mystery to all
as it is not understood ever
but as the light dances about
the leaves
and the grass sways in the
it is felt fine
and this is all that can be said
that life is a beautiful thing
when mind is quiet
it plays it's notes
and there is no one there
and there is no more fear
and nothing to be done
but be
how beautiful is this?
my friend
there is nothing better
come be of it
and live

Christmas Spirit...


this is a writing from last year..
may all be well this holiday season

om shanti

The birth of Christ is the coming of truth
that shines like a beacon
on a dark night 
it is a precious offering to behold
as the showing up of a most glorious 
being in the nature of truth and beauty
that has come to speak of the way back 
to the heart of peace
what Christ spoke of was not to go into 
thoughts about life and philosophies
but to be in the moment 
wiped clean of all imaginings that carry
one elsewhere
his message is one of perfect love
and does not give way to that which 
brings sorrow...
what a joyous occasion that this being
opened the way for those hearts that are
willing and desirous of *seeing* what is true
what a joyous time to be a participant of such grace
and to have the path carved out so well
so as to walk it clear of obstacles 
it is said that Christ was the master of 
beauty --
a beauty that is within and absolutely well -
a beauty that is *living* and never dies
a beauty that no shadow can ever touch
this is what is written in his words that 
spoke so richly of all being
set *right*
when one surrenders fully to grace
and lets go of unproductive ways...

his being is like a king that came 
that was not at all driven or touched
by desires or externals..
he was like a beautiful bird that lights
on the branches for all that came near
he was not lacking in a clear, strong voice
that spoke of misdeeds and misunderstandings
that were not good or well --
this is the compassion and love that is within
a o ne that has stilled the thoughts
and has nothing driving...
only what remains is love and light
and is what is to bring those to 
the heart where there is no more 
suffering --
and no more walking away from the 
which is eternal

May all rejoice this Christmas
and be within the heart
in love and gratitude
for what is here 
and for the light 
that shows the way...

Let freedom ring...
Maha Shanti Om


she is simple and she tends
to the world
with her hand of compassion
and she will wake up the soul in slumber
if he is willing
she will wake him up with a shout
of get up and do not sleep away your life
like a man of ignorance
but be still and do not go back to your
bed of dreams
not tonite
not ever
for you live here always

she is this single hand that
is to give you the way of truth
not anything else
not your thoughts or your parents
or your children
or your efforts
but the grace that lives and breathes of God
oh how she comes to your heart
and brings this message
be as a saint and be as a sage
and be as a single heart
do not feel your world is what is real
but take it to it's end
and see what remains
oh child
how you are what love is
and you do not know it
but you will if you right yourself
with grace
and free your spell of maya
do not let your thoughts be what is the guide
for this will turn you to ash with it's spells
and trickery
oh dear child do not go where mind dwells
be free and be your true self
sing of light
and be focused on God
and be focused on this time now
how it will eventually still your mind
and be the fuel to burn your pain away
and burn away your suffering
then you are not of the world
you are as a light of itself
and this is the end
that is the beginning of life
how it is life as it is
and as it has always been
never ending

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the refuge within

when we stayed in dharmsala
(during our visit to india)
the monks there seemed to be very
caught up in themselves
they did not look up when walking by
or cast a glance at the lepers in the streets
or cast a glance of hello or anything like this
some were in the courtyard debating
and attempting to one up the other
with intellectual challenges
some were simply not open to the flow
of things as they were
monkhood is not meant to be a place
to lock oneself away into
and escape from the world
nor is it to be used to prop oneself up
and feel different and special
the monastery is meant to be a sacred place
to go and find refuge within (the heart)
and go to the holy waters of God
which is one
so many use it as an escape from life and
but when one does this,
then the world still lives behind a locked door
and will crowd in once again when the
soul is challenged ..
this does not mean monasteries are not
challenging, they are in the way of
very disciplined schedules and such
worldly preoccupation is to be left behind,
but one is not to be closed off to the flow of life
one is to be present in all conditions
no matter how hard or easy
it makes no difference...
and it is when the mind is still
within all circumstances
that one is then ripe for liberation

this is the writing of the moment
be open
and live as if this is the monastery
for your journey
this moment

Monday, December 9, 2013

natural state

when there is attachment to the world, body and mind
there is suffering and limitations 
when the mind is cleared of these obstructions 
then only, is there freedom

Saturday, December 7, 2013

dwell in the heart

a single thought I
is what brings in it's wake maya
who is the goddess of deception
she plays in this field of egoic graspings 
she comes in and fills the mind with untruth
how she is not to be taken seriously or 
held dearly 
for she will capture the spirit and put it to sleep
with her voice that speaks of the world 
and desires and all of that 
no, friends 
dwell in the heart of all
where God is the king and the mind 
is shed of this force of darkness
bring this egoic playing out to it's end 
bring it to it's destruction in the sea of knowledge 
then what remains is not of this world 
it is of purity and love and heart 
i cannot say it another way
but cast out this force straight away
for there is not a being on this earth that walks 
free if he is bound by ego
drink this nectar as if it is the very last drop
of pure love 
come and seat yourself in the heart 
be sturdy and quiet 
be in the natural state 
which is non-dual perfection 

peace lives

a single thought covers the one
how quickly the tree of ignorance is born
from this
a single thought called I --
and when this thought fades and is
no longer present to put the shade down
over the eternal
then how love is so very ripe
how it is so perfect
and how peace lives

know yourself

know yourself
and all will be well
and all will be serene
not just a little bit or a passing
but always and forever
know yourself

Monday, December 2, 2013

which road will he take?


this writing seemed to be about Nityananda (the avadhuta)
the writing flows spontaneous and cannot verify if all in it
is fact, so have used the word *sage* instead..
may you enjoy this flow of writing
on this beautiful winter day..
om shanti

when he came
the climate of india was not fully
in the grips of kali yuga
the climate was more like an open vessel
where the heart came to pour into
and fill the cup of emptiness
to brim full with shanti

he was a being of powerful
presence (this sage)
he walked into the lands as an offering
to humanity
he walked into the lands as an offering
of sacred beauty to the ones that were
available to his presence
he walked into the lands purified of mind
he was very generous to the poor and worked
to insure souls that ached of hunger were fed
in body and most importantly in spirit
when he was in the towns with the people
he would say, "i am here as *all*, not as body"
"i am here as a living well of compassion"
"i am here as a timeless being"
"i am here as a Christ consciousness"

one day a man came up to him that had wandered
in the forest and was thirsty and homeless
he asked this sage to take his hands and bless him
the sage took his hands and spoke these words
"son, your life is beyond measure and beyond what is
temporal. when you come to this life, you are in goodness and
freedom, but you wander in the forest where the mind lives...
when you wander, you forget the life force ... you forget the
uncreated beauty of life and go where the waters speak of
beauty in thought only... thought is just the surface of beauty
it is not the perfect source that is ...  "

"son, the life that you are given is transient in nature and not yours truly
it comes from the source (mother) and is given as a gift to make you
*see* the world as it is which is a reflection only..
it is given to impress upon your heart that spirit is the one reality
and not the concrete world of names and forms and faces ..
it is given as a gift to call you back home to where shiva is the
reliable, steady presence that is securely seated as
pure consciousness in all hearts

"son, the life you are given has come from the fruits of your actions
which are good and bad and neutral.. when the fruits of your actions
continue to bloom, the body comes and comes again
as a direct outcome of action in the world
seeds of karma *action*,  flower and flower like a garden that erupts
from understanding that comes from mind..
karma blooms like a garden...
so this fruit of karma is eaten and taken to be true --
(but it is only created by mind)
when the mind ceases to play in this realm of *doership*,
there can be no more karma like this that blooms of *action*
grace comes forward to flush this attachment to action away...
this is a most mysterious taking place, but it is the best thing for the soul
as he is then removed from his burden of *doership* and is seated in the heart
and only spontaneous flow remains...
then no further seeds of karma *action* are sown..
and the garden of blooming karma is shorn clean and then the mind is purified
this is what true knowledge is  --- (no-mind)..."

"son, do not put away this seeking of blessing you are desiring, but turn
into yourself and begin in earnest to live awake to life without attachments
i am here as a soul to say, you are perfect and whole
you are complete --- just let go of the wrong understanding that you are
not complete ... this is your undoing ...
but do not go about attempting to convince yourself that you are perfect
just let go of all the baggage and be true in this moment
quiet and joyful"

"son, your sons and daughters are not yours, they are as God made them and they
have their own journey to go through --
do not cling to them, or they will hurt your heart deeply and give you sadness
when they are here to only *be* and are a manifestation of God
they are to be loved, but not attached to
loved and brought up in truth and joy and then let go and allowed to live their own life
do not suffer because of them, but love them well and be not afraid to allow them to roam
and find their own way..."

"son, have you taken the robes of a sannyas? if you have not -- do not worry or have any
sorrow about this as this is only outer trappings -- simply come to the heart and what is needed will
come to you of it's own time... make efforts, but do not cling to the results ..."

"oh son, if you knew how much you are complete and perfect .. you would leave this world
immediately and be still...
oh son, if you knew how perfect and beautiful you are, you would leave this world
like a bird flies to the heavens in joy
oh, son fly now and be still
and do not return to the world that speaks of separate ways..."

and then the sage left and went his way to the roads where he was going ..
he left ...
and the man left too...
where would he go?
to his heart or out into the world?
none know for sure...
it is his life to make and what roads he
takes is up to him...