Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the refuge within

when we stayed in dharmsala
(during our visit to india)
the monks there seemed to be very
caught up in themselves
they did not look up when walking by
or cast a glance at the lepers in the streets
or cast a glance of hello or anything like this
some were in the courtyard debating
and attempting to one up the other
with intellectual challenges
some were simply not open to the flow
of things as they were
monkhood is not meant to be a place
to lock oneself away into
and escape from the world
nor is it to be used to prop oneself up
and feel different and special
the monastery is meant to be a sacred place
to go and find refuge within (the heart)
and go to the holy waters of God
which is one
so many use it as an escape from life and
but when one does this,
then the world still lives behind a locked door
and will crowd in once again when the
soul is challenged ..
this does not mean monasteries are not
challenging, they are in the way of
very disciplined schedules and such
worldly preoccupation is to be left behind,
but one is not to be closed off to the flow of life
one is to be present in all conditions
no matter how hard or easy
it makes no difference...
and it is when the mind is still
within all circumstances
that one is then ripe for liberation

this is the writing of the moment
be open
and live as if this is the monastery
for your journey
this moment


  1. Namaste, Thank you for this reminder. Very appreciated here. It is recognized here that no matter where one is, the mind will follow. It is also recognized that detachment needs to be brought forward in the daily life. There are many hooks that bring attention outward. Recognizing that too.Thank you for the heart pointings. :-) OM

    1. namaste, the flow of life will bring what needs to be encountered forward.. there is no getting away from it...though this is the harder way, it will in time bear fruit (if one continues) and bring the mind to more of a steady quiet shanti om

  2. Namaste. Yes thank you I agree with Liza and I appreciate how this writing has a real life modern example ( or counter example) of the pointing. Om Shanti.

  3. namaste, the path is to be brought into real life or the progress made has no staying power...always glad to hear the writings are of benefit.. may all be well and continue forward...