Monday, August 29, 2016

love the moment

love not the dying appearance 
instead love the moment 
it has no experience in it 
that is to burden you as it wants 
nothing at all 
not even your liberation 
it needs nothing at all
not even your desire or efforts
if you love the moment 
then your mind is not so intrusive 
as it takes a back seat 
and is not the driver any longer 

what is left?

Prime with life
and love
what is there to believe
what is there to create?
what is there not to know?
what is there left to do?
what is in the fires still to burn?
what is the other way to be?

Can you not know
what you are?
How is this so?

My being rests in the One
How about you?
Are you any different?

to be free

if you are to be free
hold none as enemy or friend
in thy heart
be of equal mind and
do not chase the shadows of youth
and body desires
be of pure spirit
like the ones that
are beautiful and
untainted as the day
the soul came to be

Saturday, August 27, 2016

spun by light

holy shiva
he opened the gate to the flow of spirit illustrations and by these illustrations showed
that humanity is never  truly in those dark corridors or has to remain there
but given always a key to unlock the structures
of thinking that cast shadow onto the mind-heart-jewel
he showed, with his appearance of light, a way thru the passages that lead to more empty dreams
with his showing up, a door opened and the messages of hope came where that which is seemingly not right and weighed down could open up and use that experience as a jumping off point to another reality that brings about a different playing out 
he showed, shiva (through the illustrations), that those souls that felt they were shunned, dirty or wrong in action
that there was no such thing as a person that has sinned
if he opens his heart fully to the God-essence 
then that one can breathe in a different air that is cleaner and will filter out the dross in its own time and way that is not understood by that one at all
because that one is in their head and has no idea what truth is or what another reality feels like
they are not cognizant of it   
for the mind sees only thru the lenses of the collected apparitions or conditionings that cast a color onto the consciousness and that one has no seeing clearly of the truth
he showed too, that those ones desiring of light, love and peace can come any time
to those fresh waters and taste of something that rings of ripeness, beauty and heart  

shiva came when she was with Guru and this was opened 
he came 
he wore his clothing of holy righteousness that was spun by light, stillness, wonder, beautiful lifting God-cloth   
on his head, he was crowned with the moon that signifies time and that all in it's own time
not in ego time this is not  at all correct 
he wore the Ganga waters that flow as the rushing clear waters with vigorous energy to cleanse the mental habits, actions, non-harmonious elements so not in alignment with Christ
he came wearing his tiger skin covering that is to signify the burning of the form-mind-energy so very seemingly powerful in the way of being all consuming to the soul 
and so uninterrupted and fearsome sometimes, but that energy dies to Shiva
and he wears it to signify this  not as a conquering, but to show that energy has death in him 
and is not real and lasting whatsoever 

he lives as pure consciousness  
he is decked out in his attire that has emblems of life eternal 
his third eye is awake and is not seeing the world as two, but as one in the way of being 
forever unified with shakti

shiva came, he was decked out in freedom emblems that are to tell you that he lives in all things 
never away from any, not for a moment even, never 
he is eternally in all beings at once without measure 
equal unto all as a single light 

the messages flowed, you know, they do not say what is untrue 
for these call to the soul to say,
please do not be persuaded by desires, thinking, greed, prejudice, pride, appearances but go inward to your being and be in what is called shiva-nature 
the messages cry out to you friends
that you do not need to be in your suffering ways any longer than what you create in your mind
for the light is forever open to your being and is to flood into your 
heart-mind when you allow it 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

making time

many rich traditions of the past are becoming diluted 
down to the point where they will one day die out 
this is so very sad 
for those traditions that have at their heart, the honoring 
of spirit and nature are so very rich with wisdom and lessons 
for humanity that could help to alleviate suffering and restore 
balance to the earth and spirit in a way that nothing else can

these traditions treated the earth like a beloved friend
and made from it's soil beautiful bright tools,
pottery, art and so much more that resonate with the song of love, 
joy and connection to all that lives 
these traditions gave back to the earth as a 
way to say thank you for what was given to sustain the life

this feeling of being connected to a greater whole in which all 
live and have at it's core the same heart is very lost now 
drowned out by other voices that speak of something that is not 
clear anymore 
and many actions are now steeped in ways that are so very far away 
from spirit that it is not recognized or felt any more 

it is very sad to see the earth spoiled the way it is and to see 
humanity's actions veer so very far away from God-source 
heartbreaking truly
and yet it is what is happening now 

there is nothing that can truly make changes in this way that 
is now deep in the mental attitudes/actions that we are now seeing 
but to make the journey to the heart 
and the journey to the heart is taken within a mind-set of simplicity,
openness, gratitude, quietude, and what brings the soul/mind peace,
not stirs it up more with questions, worry, doubts, desires etc...
for these will only be fuel for more of the same 

it is hoped that more souls settle down and make time for quietude, 
simplicity, reflection
spending time in nature and cultivating a character based on 
values of honesty, transparency and integrity
for without this foundation in place, the wheel will keep spinning in the direction it is 
and this vibration now is what will continue to be seen, felt, heard and passed on

so,  for those souls desiring of something that rings of heart, freedom, joy 
and are willing to go forward into this,
may you be blessed 
and may you find everlasting peace

another way

hearken friend, 
the doves are flying across the sky 
in a stream of white 
and the eastern star glows so light-filled 
in the heavens 
the play of the world lives on below like 
an illusion that is made of that which 
comes and goes 
and worldly mental ways that have no 
real life in the heart that sings of wonders 
and riches so precious and filled with the 
in this consciousness light is alive, present in 
abundance and without the colored lenses of 
philosophies, mental collections, intellectual 
ways that put men, women and all that live into 
boxes of  this and that...
there is something that sings of another way that is 
so very different from this type of playing out 
that it cannot even compare or be held up against 
anything to understand it like other 
mental types of happenings and playing out 
it lives pristine, completely still, and nothing can ever 
darken it's beautiful clear fountain of wisdom, clarity,
timeless treasure, light, love, harmony... 
just a symphony of all the treasures that live
inside the heart 

it sings of another way that is so very different

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Buddha Mind

Mind is empty in it's pure state
self luminous and clear
nothing that can be described
as it has no origin
it is causeless
that which is caused has a birth
and therefore subject to decay and death
that which has no origin
is untouched and remains constant
through the shades of causal happenings

The nature of pure mind is liberation
appearances that rise within it
are empty and insubstantial
to allow mind to rest within it's true nature
and not grasp at appearances
is to get a taste of buddha mind

Pure mind is liberating
pure mind liberates thoughts and appearances
if there is no grasping
like a bird flying into boundless space
this is a thought
that rises in pure mind
a cloud formation does not touch it's essence

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

how blessed..

the non-dual texts speak always of one
heart friends this is what is real
spoken by voices that are free of illusion
this truth shines so undeniable in this writing 
as the sun pours it's light forth at high noon
and can be felt by all that live under it 
and turn their face upward 
how these words melt into the heart and mind like this 
writing of this sort is of it's own category
and cannot be set up against writing of a dualistic nature 
that speaks to me and you and this and that 
and becoming and gaining and losing and all the 
woes and struggle of mundane existence 
the non-dual writings flow from the source directly
as honey flows from the sweetest body of water 
it quenches deeply and takes away
only what is creating bondage 
this writing is so very rare as to not be of interest 
to those taking up the reins of the cart and horse
of worldly desire
where will this lead? only to more of the same 
but to those souls that are to turn inward into themselves
and look deeply at what is real and lasting
and are graced with Guru's compassion
and teachings 
and are in the way of devoting their lives to the truth 
to these ones 
even a few words spoken from the lips of a completed master 
will strike the cords of the heart 
and begin to tear away the coverings of illusion
how blessed is the soul that opens in this way
how blessed is the soul that keeps as it's steer and rudder 
the faith that all is ONE 
how blessed is the soul that carries not the shadow of the past 
and projections of the future 
how blessed is the soul that discovers the path of heart 
how blessed is the soul that keeps on step by step
and does not turn back to the world of shadow
oh men and women that desire freedom
keep steady
and have faith in the words spoken by those free of 
suffering for they speak the truth that resides in all hearts
these words speak to what has always been 
and cannot be otherwise 
which is that all is ONE 
all is without death and without suffering 
beyond body, beyond mind 
this is the truth

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Her Grace

since this writing, the visions are appearing even less, they are waning to the point where it feels like
something left far behind, like something very misty....
in the end, just another stepping stone/wondrous scenery along the way....

sunday 6/12/16

her grace is here this evening
in a gown of blue and white
a white covering falling from her
she is now all in white
with a white light beaming
from her heart center
and at times turning to gold
she draws up my chin to look
in her eyes that are like moonbeams
with clear, deep oceanic beauty
completely cleansed of earthly attachments
her complexion is silky, creamy and
without blemishes
i have not seen her so clear for awhile
and have not called to her
she appeared after meditating in my
mind and now stands statuesque and
of etheric heaven energetic presence

when i see the visions
they bloom to my mind
as an aliveness of colorful life
not dead and flat appearing
they bloom as a show of
wondrous unfolding
fortunately, there is not the flooding
of these visions since the blood
moon period ended
but still they manifest
sometimes more shadowy
sometimes crystal clear
here and there
they engulf one in sensory mystic
phenomena of visuals and
sound sometimes
and even taste, touch all of
the sensual feelings of the form
but are extrasensory too in which
they are outside of the regular senses

when you see her in your mind
you will taste her sweetness
that lingers in your being
she is not of this world view
but lives timeless
absent of egoic nature
she rises out of the murky waters
to love the heart-soul
she is the treasure of all
and appears in manifestation to
be seen as the goddess of light
to say to all
love thy heart
keep it well and pure
love the mind less
those thoughts will not
say to you what the goddess
says which is
all is free and kept pure
and out of suffering
this is said psychically
as no words are there to
this is said in silent ways
where nothing is communicated
better and more clear
this is said in stillness where
words have no true way of
because they are not anything
lasting but shakti only
she says now to you
be still souls
wake up
pray for this
for the world needs souls of light
so very badly
and you will only be blessed if
you listen to this message
be living easily and do not
forget the heart
do not forget the heart
not ever

Kali Mandir Temple

The Kali Mandir Temple in india
makes animal sacrifices on a regular basis
this is shocking to many to hear
but is not an uncommon practice with those
set on rituals that bring purification
the animal nature is what is to be destroyed
this is one of the deeper meanings of this ritual
the animal nature is what creates vibrations that come
from a lower plane
in the way of looking for physical connections and
hungering for pleasures that are not
of spirit or lead to anything holy
the animal nature are cravings, seeking always to satiate the
appetite in one way or another
this is what takes place in the world for many ongoing
...unending in it's pressing desire
so to sacrifice this nature of animal is what is offered over
to grace
to be burnt in the fires that purify...

The Kali Mandir Temple
makes goat sacrifices -
Guruji has spoke on this many times
that it is the stark taking away of life in one instant
in one breath, it is here, and the next gone
never to return as that unique manifestation
this is what death is --
no joke
coming at a time unknown --
and at *any* time...
completely impartial ..
not more lenient with one, than another ..
this is why some of the Buddhist rituals
truly live each moment as if it could be the last
always prepared within and without for death
to take the form-
this is also how the path is to be walked ..
staying in the heart and savoring each moment
without attachment...

The nandi bull is set on the altar facing
the Shiva Lingam
because this is the animal/physical type of nature that is to be subservient
to the absolute --
and to be destroyed in the heat of Kali which is Guru's grace

The body is a vehicle truly and gives an opportunity
to enter into that which has never been born
and never dies ...
this is the end that is the beginning
and is the fruit that comes when one continues..
until then..
one holds steady in the moment ..
one breath at a time ..
one step at a time...


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

a woman

a woman came tonite 
she was like a beautiful glow 
she wore only white 
her face was as an angel
so soft were her features 
her gait was light and as 
a feather that 
lifted itself easily 
with the natural flow of things 
she came close to your ear
and whispered,
my dear, you are lost in yourself, 
how come?
have you been thinking too much?
have you met something in the world 
that is so much better than 
what will make you come back
to your soul? 
what will make you come to your joy?
oh dear one, 
what beauty is in your soul
and how it sings of love 
how it stills your thought 
how it is so full and rich
i am your perfection of beauty
and sing of truth only
come to me now
and be free

the lion and the lamb

i have not come in the way of haunting
or making of myself a name
i have come in the way of love
and have made of this life an open meadow
in which to wander freely without hinderance
i have come like a lion
and a lamb
in purity and beauty as this combination
is what has bred a spirit of great strength
and innocence
i have come in the way of *being* and not 
taking or giving what is not helpful to 
humanity or those that are in need of 
pure water to drink for the soul
i have come like a light 
in the dark of the night
as to make of my presence one that is 
of a hearty and true gift of peace
and do not want what is the nature of
misery or shadow
i cannot be a way that is of misdeeds or
watered down spirit
that dries the earth bed and makes not the 
precious life to bloom in glory
i cannot be of a nature that is of the dark
or the impure
oh my this would not be good at all
or have worth at all
i have come like a child
pure and deeply wise
so mighty in hand and tongue
as to right what is wrong
and seize the wandering energy
reign it in so all is made the way
it is meant to be
within perfection
beautifully true
and glorious

i have come

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

be with what is here...

be with what is here
not in the drama of mind
as this only serves to create
more shadows
and false realities...