Friday, May 17, 2019

let your time be good

morning has come again 
like a brand new heart 
lifting its head out of the darkness 
bearing mysteries with open arms saying 
hear now dear 
there are new possibilities awaiting 
take them up in your breast 
and nurture them with love 
for in them you will find another way 
that lights your path to something that 
will give joy to all

morning has risen like a shining glow 
in it there are wondrous messages of light 
falling from clouds opening to the world 
falling like a dust of love
here are some 
love yourself in it's entirety 
the self of light 
for that self that is not the making of mental wanderings 
is forever resting like a gem to be discovered 
to bring hope, light and blessings to a world 
that is now hurting badly
hurting in the way of putting so many things in front 
of what is foremost 
and not even knowing it because there is no understanding 
of what it is to go deeper into the soul
and come to another way of seeing clearly 
but with great heart 
the messages flow and say do come soul
because we need your voice here to call to the 
to say clearly that all are created equal unto this light 
not one is left out 
and all can bloom in these waters so sweet and precious 
coming out of the muck of the dream world that has such a 
tight grasp on humanity 
rising from this 
bringing another voice that will go out into the heavens 
go out into the waters of the world 
to give new life and air to breathe

so let your time be good now people 
do not worry about what comes and goes 
for those things have no staying power
what does have power is light and nothing else 
so please do walk easily on your path no matter the conditions 
do live righteously and not in dark ways of despair and little ways 
of thinking 
do pull yourself up always after a fall, brush off and go forward again 
with renewed strength and courage 
for the ones that do come to a brighter reality and eventually enter 
peace unwavering are those that perservere 
this is it my friend 
so please do perservere

om shanti 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

the earth

the earth needs your attention now my friends
climate change has hit with great force and is moving rapidly
in it's course
i can feel it here in south florida
the air has changed
it is not the same balmy breeze that we once had last year
with it's feeling of aaaahhhhh now this is so refreshing
the air now is filled with pollutants
the areas in which i once loved to walk are different in the
way it feels, smells and just is
there are gas fumes about and it makes the place feel like
an intrusion on a place that is given by grace for refreshment
i have found a few places to sit that are clean for awhile and the very
next week that place feels different as the pollutants spread rapidly
with the heat here
so now my friends south florida is feeling climate change
the beginning ---
and one must act swiftly to alter this course, but acting swiftly
is not seen anywhere about
i don't notice a sense of alarm or anything that people need to get this
work done
it is simply left  to take it's course and go it's way in mischief
and wreak havoc like it is
where are our priorities?
If once my friend you have felt the feeling of not having good air to
breathe you may feel what i am saying, but even then i feel this sense
of complacence about it -- like oh well....
once this corner is turned like this
with the marks of climate change heavily on it -- the footprint of people
sunken in so strongly
the escalating movement of unconscious acts of abuse and misuse of our world
the earth and it's beauty held at such low priority as it is
there is no turning back
i am sorry to sound like an alarmist, but wake up people please
for i am one that walks the natural parts of the area in which i live every day for
hours and hours heat an all
and i have walked the natural parts of the land where i lived before too for hours and hours
and know every little shift in it's ways, every little beat of it's heart like a fine tune that whispers
hello, i am still here to breathe like a beautiful medicine for all to heal
and when i feel this atmosphere that gives life and love so openly being degraded as it is
it is a feeling like losing a part of yourself my friend this is true without a doubt
for the earth with it's wonders has given unto so so many a haven of sorts
a freshness beyond measure without asking anything in return
one must be concerned too with the upcoming of our young people
how will they survive?
how will they be able to find balance? For the earth gives the balance and energy for
all to live without one being aware of it
it is there always

and my friends right now with this writing, it is just words right?
nothing that will truly make a difference, i know
but i can tell you that it is a way of saying thank you to the earth for what it gives
and has given
and even with the strong stamp of human feet on it now in the natural areas
like a smokey reminder that yes this change has come and will continue to come
the trees still look the same, the dirt, the sky, the clouds
are still beautiful
but there is a change
a corner has been turned
a reminder that the world is growing rapidly and putting business, economy, industry
money, power first
leaving the quiet beautiful things that give us all life, gives us all what we have taken for granted
on the lowest rung of the ladder
and what to do?

but please souls do ponder this awhile
for you have children and people you love
you want to be enjoying beauty of nature for a long while
please souls do ponder this
for things are changing rapidly, very very rapidly....

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Let us unwind

what i say to you my dear
is the day will come when your 
world crumbles 
the day will come when your 
person so thought of as real
will be unknown to you any longer 
he/she will not have any more space 
to be intrusive on your reality 
this day that turns to something different 
as the sky turns to gold, orange, pink
amber, violet all at once and in one 
moment is the day you know without 
a doubt that the world you made your 
home in is mist/ephemeral/liquid air 
and when this happens, you are blessed
because you can finally breathe in something 
different that is ripe, full and is not bound 
by anything that has been created by egoic 
how very beautiful 
and how very mysterious 

oh friend 
lets let our world unwind as the snake 
consumes itself and then what remains 
is nothing that can be named 
but only silence 
and we will then free ourselves from this 
powerful dream we have been living under 
and then we can really enjoy life for it's 
wondrous beauty that it is 
not tethered by the transient play of illusion
that calls and taunts and puts it's way in our face 
to be a nuisance, so disruptive it is 
we will unwind like a tape unrolling itself 
and falling to pieces right before our very eyes 
and we will not pull it back to cover our beauty 
ever again
for we freed ourselves from all that was in our
bodies and in our minds and in our soul
that was heavy
then we will go out and be as love is so free 
unconditional  like the saints, the masters, 
the stars, the ocean, the moon, the heavens 
the great heart of all 
we will indeed my dear heart

we stoop low at the gate to enter for we are not 
anything that is important in ourselves as an ego
or body, so we will bend our form and enter to be 
refreshed heartily in those waters of purity 
and we will drink deeply until our mouths
no longer ache of thirst
and we will bathe under this freshness that runs 
so plentiful 
we will bring nothing with us when we enter 
but see, my dear this is not enough to stay here 
because we must 
go on to that cliff and free ourselves of this form 
identity so burdensome and reeking of attachment 
that has truly left a residue of something that makes 
us forget our true self 
and we must go over that cliff into the unknown 
yes, we will
and then what remains is that freedom true 
that has no face or name or covering  
then we will never be divided any longer 
into that forgetfulness 
now come friend, let us unwind until 
there is no more unwinding left 
and then we are nothing any longer 
to be counted as an ego-body 
we are simply what God is 
pure stillness 
undivided, life 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

like mist on waters

does the mind have a root to it?
or is it just something that comes and then goes
like mist on the waters
without any moorings attached?
the waters stay like freedom unchanging
free of any of the reflections passing thru it
yet the mind how does it come and go so
as if it has nothing at all that is substantial?
can you find out love?
now is the time to look at it with clarity
it will come like a reflective energy
speaking in words or imagery
it will come like a hand that slaps hard
or a gentle soft voice that whispers
it will come like something of a daydream
it will come too with feelings of this is my
relationship to this
and this is my place here, not there
it will find you too in your dreams with colors
and adventures of a drama flow
it will come with you sitting, standing, walking
or whatever you are doing
so will you look at it once a little differently
with a discerning eye?
with a question too that is, what is this mind?
what is it about?
does it have a true constant presence?
does it have true constant way of making itself known?
does it have life outside of itself?
what is this mind?

like a river

try oh blessed one
to be open minded in your heart
for openness is the way to hear something that
is free of the ways of ordinary men
in your mind if you will open to the way of
higher consciousness
then you will be taken on a journey to a land
of timelessness

you will be moved there
as a wave is pushed by the winds
it moves not fighting it ever
for it cannot fight it
because at it's very core
lives the same nature
so how can it resist this force
that pushes it forward

when it moves one, this love of god
this thing that is like honey from the
that is in hoping, wanting to be free
with all their being
then one enters another way of being

the stream of consciousness
is loosened up
and flows like a river that moves and brings
up much debris to be flushed out
and taken into the heart to be destroyed
in the fires there

debris that has been collected from experiences
of life times
hard things, good things, tender things,
fearful things
deaths, many lives lived, all that has come
all that has gone
here God's grace works on the soul that is open
to this movement of grace
and brings mind to stop it's way of always manifesting
worldly visions that are dualistic in nature
rising, falling always

mind then is purified in time with this light
rinsing out lifetimes of collective things

God in pure intelligence does give goodness to the
one that stays centered thru it
not easy dear ones that are listening
very hard to bear
very hard to live thru
and yet one is taken forward and one goes forward

and one makes it thru
this maze of collections
the light of God sees it's way thru it
not the physical eyes ever
one then is taken into greater depths of being
that does not come from personal efforts
but grace only

one is taken into greater depths of being
as the mud is cleared more and more away
then one is well within a blessed journey
that will in it's time
bring freedom to it's heart

i wondered

listen soul
i have waited for you so very long
on the mountain high above the play of the world
i waited for you to come at dawn
when the colors were vibrant
the air fresh filled with morning on it's wings
i waited here
wondering how you were in your world
and if you would be the next one to walk a path of light
though the mountain is hard to climb
the wind harsh, with it's lamenting sound in your ears
and hard are the steps in the rocks for your footing to come to
i wondered if you would journey upward to find me
here in the moonlight in the still of night
or the afternoon when the sun was at it's zenith
or anytime night or day
sitting waiting for you
i wondered if you would climb and find me

do you know this way?

please one that is the be free in time
come to this heart center
it will shine of promises that are rich with
spiritual growth
promises that come from the life of all life
these promises are secretive as they are written
in tune with saints, masters, those that are
silent inside with hearing something other than
the voice of personal world views
secrets that are hidden deep in soul heart
like seeds that when watered bloom into pure speech
pure behavior
that is moved by grace only

do you know this way dear soul?
it moves in harmony with love and light
it gives voice to the song of Christ consciousness
for others to hear it
and  upon hearing it, these ones
that are sincere in heart say to themselves, there is another
way besides my own ego voice
upon hearing it, say to themselves,
what is this all about?
i only know this familiar world i have lived
in so very long

in my heart i will go to seek it, this way so beautiful to hear
that all is o ne
so i will listen more and more to t his joyous song i hear from lips
of those that have their minds in this light filled way
i will listen to it more and more

when i listen i will not let my mind have it's way of judging
because i do not understand it
i will just hear it and let it sink in to my soul
because i want to be out of this box i have put myself in

from here i will go on to the blessed place of emptiness
empty of avarice, sin, delusion, pride, pain, ego based ways
empty of limited thinking
empty of limited philosophies about the world
empty of me and you and they
empty of all that can be imagined here there and all over
empty of all of the workings of me

when this mind is fully emptied out of these things that ring of
of playing about in so many ways in imaginings, grasping
happenings, future, past, all of it
then i find something other that is beautiful and not of my making
this is the best of all
that there lives something else beyond my making things this way and
that way
beyond anything that is any way at all
but lives as o ne perfect being
this i come to
now i will move onward in my heart journey and find this life that lives
in the core of all things
now i will move onward in my heart journey