Tuesday, January 1, 2019

like mist on waters

does the mind have a root to it?
or is it just something that comes and then goes
like mist on the waters
without any moorings attached?
the waters stay like freedom unchanging
free of any of the reflections passing thru it
yet the mind how does it come and go so
as if it has nothing at all that is substantial?
can you find out love?
now is the time to look at it with clarity
it will come like a reflective energy
speaking in words or imagery
it will come like a hand that slaps hard
or a gentle soft voice that whispers
it will come like something of a daydream
it will come too with feelings of this is my
relationship to this
and this is my place here, not there
it will find you too in your dreams with colors
and adventures of a drama flow
it will come with you sitting, standing, walking
or whatever you are doing
so will you look at it once a little differently
with a discerning eye?
with a question too that is, what is this mind?
what is it about?
does it have a true constant presence?
does it have true constant way of making itself known?
does it have life outside of itself?
what is this mind?

like a river

try oh blessed one
to be open minded in your heart
for openness is the way to hear something that
is free of the ways of ordinary men
in your mind if you will open to the way of
higher consciousness
then you will be taken on a journey to a land
of timelessness

you will be moved there
as a wave is pushed by the winds
it moves not fighting it ever
for it cannot fight it
because at it's very core
lives the same nature
so how can it resist this force
that pushes it forward

when it moves one, this love of god
this thing that is like honey from the
that is in hoping, wanting to be free
with all their being
then one enters another way of being

the stream of consciousness
is loosened up
and flows like a river that moves and brings
up much debris to be flushed out
and taken into the heart to be destroyed
in the fires there

debris that has been collected from experiences
of life times
hard things, good things, tender things,
fearful things
deaths, many lives lived, all that has come
all that has gone
here God's grace works on the soul that is open
to this movement of grace
and brings mind to stop it's way of always manifesting
worldly visions that are dualistic in nature
rising, falling always

mind then is purified in time with this light
rinsing out lifetimes of collective things

God in pure intelligence does give goodness to the
one that stays centered thru it
not easy dear ones that are listening
very hard to bear
very hard to live thru
and yet one is taken forward and one goes forward

and one makes it thru
this maze of collections
the light of God sees it's way thru it
not the physical eyes ever
one then is taken into greater depths of being
that does not come from personal efforts
but grace only

one is taken into greater depths of being
as the mud is cleared more and more away
then one is well within a blessed journey
that will in it's time
bring freedom to it's heart

i wondered

listen soul
i have waited for you so very long
on the mountain high above the play of the world
i waited for you to come at dawn
when the colors were vibrant
the air fresh filled with morning on it's wings
i waited here
wondering how you were in your world
and if you would be the next one to walk a path of light
though the mountain is hard to climb
the wind harsh, with it's lamenting sound in your ears
and hard are the steps in the rocks for your footing to come to
i wondered if you would journey upward to find me
here in the moonlight in the still of night
or the afternoon when the sun was at it's zenith
or anytime night or day
sitting waiting for you
i wondered if you would climb and find me

do you know this way?

please one that is the be free in time
come to this heart center
it will shine of promises that are rich with
spiritual growth
promises that come from the life of all life
these promises are secretive as they are written
in tune with saints, masters, those that are
silent inside with hearing something other than
the voice of personal world views
secrets that are hidden deep in soul heart
like seeds that when watered bloom into pure speech
pure behavior
that is moved by grace only

do you know this way dear soul?
it moves in harmony with love and light
it gives voice to the song of Christ consciousness
for others to hear it
and  upon hearing it, these ones
that are sincere in heart say to themselves, there is another
way besides my own ego voice
upon hearing it, say to themselves,
what is this all about?
i only know this familiar world i have lived
in so very long

in my heart i will go to seek it, this way so beautiful to hear
that all is o ne
so i will listen more and more to t his joyous song i hear from lips
of those that have their minds in this light filled way
i will listen to it more and more

when i listen i will not let my mind have it's way of judging
because i do not understand it
i will just hear it and let it sink in to my soul
because i want to be out of this box i have put myself in

from here i will go on to the blessed place of emptiness
empty of avarice, sin, delusion, pride, pain, ego based ways
empty of limited thinking
empty of limited philosophies about the world
empty of me and you and they
empty of all that can be imagined here there and all over
empty of all of the workings of me

when this mind is fully emptied out of these things that ring of
of playing about in so many ways in imaginings, grasping
happenings, future, past, all of it
then i find something other that is beautiful and not of my making
this is the best of all
that there lives something else beyond my making things this way and
that way
beyond anything that is any way at all
but lives as o ne perfect being
this i come to
now i will move onward in my heart journey and find this life that lives
in the core of all things
now i will move onward in my heart journey

Thursday, October 11, 2018

sing your love of God

will you bleed your wounds
on the soil of earth?
shave your head  and look into God's eyes?
kneel by crystal waters
where all that manifests
comes and goes
moves thru though
does not blemish the purity

will you live with light?
say your prayers always flowing in love?
will you stop bothering with ego?
it does not let you live truly
it makes a blame on something else
or makes a world that says false things

oh love come be by this water
so free
flowing like angels sing
under the moon here
death will not be a haunting thing then
it will bless you
and put mind in it's place
of being more of a tool
to work with while in this plane of life
but will not disturb the flow of work
to be done
which is Christ's work of seeding the heart
with all that is good
seeds that flourish and unfold their wondrous
flowering of color , beauty life
these flowers dance to the tune of light
all moving freely there
doing away with other ways
that are harmful
these flowers move to the flow of joy
dancing in the moonlight
here by the waters
of light and beauty
be this way
dear one
come now sit by these waters
and sing your love of God

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Energy reading Nidhivam temple, India

Energy reading Nhidavam temple, India

It is said that Krishna and Radha visit here every evening and do their passionate dance.
And that those that witness this may go kind of mad.

Forest dweller
forest energy awakens in the evening
it sparks this life that takes place where there is a uniting of energy
flow of the divine
moving like dancing forms
having their beauty of touch, kiss, caress
within this forest beauty

Radha, sweet and tender she is
she comes in barefoot, softly
her toes barely touch the ground
coming in this way
she drifts on clouds
she moves like a dainty thing
bells tinkle on her ankles, on her wrists
bracelets glisten with light
she is female energy divine love that comes in
like a fragrance wafts thru the forest

here there is a tangling of energy
that is like when there is sweetness together
like when there is something that makes it's way into the heart
and finds it's life there
to be born as two
as two in beauty, love and wholeness

this area does capture this nightly dance of leela
wondrous, precious freedom dance

Krishna with his way of coming in
he comes in like a waft of divine force
he comes in that way
enters in
enters in this area like a fountain of water
that rolls down from the sky heaven
and she is there Radha
beauty divine love
there they meet
there they embrace, there they caress
in union
and have their love there

when there is a letting go of these energies
then dawn comes
it comes over the mountains
and the forest then
with magic that comes in the evening
changes back
to regular forest
where there is nothing (if someone walked in)
that could say there was a magical dance of beauty
that took place in the evening
they may not notice that

but in the waters
in the trees
in the wind
in the dark and in the light
and in the dawn
they know, they know
that Krishna and Radha do visit nightly
nightly like a praised thing
a praised thing
in which the things around this dance of fragrance
the things around
bend low to this scene in order to listen,
be alert
like ahhhhh, here is this beauty yet again
and how it resonates in every cell of those that may
be near it
even the plants bend and listen and say there they are those two
those two
with such mystery and such fragrance and such love
love like angel love
so this happens here in this sacred place

mind with these things
mind may think, oh no this can't happen

how can this be, these energies come in nightly?
so beautifully and sweetly, softly, secretive
this cannot happen
yet this is like a touch of something that may come to you
and awaken you
to your own divine bliss
and open the heart
and say, like yes!
something exists beyond my own thinking
my own thoughts and words and ways
that i feel things are or are not
and when this awakens
then one knows these realities

Those that witness this divine dance
do not go mad like what some say
but like one that is in nectar of sweet divine
like that is flowing thru their bones,
eyes, ears, breath,  tongue and touch
and so they may be ecstatic
and feeling inside, "this is nice"
and they may look  to people that are looking
at them
like they are off balance
but they have really been struck by
honey like nectar
they awaken then to something beyond these
constructs in which one says
these things don't happen ever
they will never happen to me

can this divine bliss happen to anyone?
who could this come to, this divine ecstatic bliss?
-only those that have wanted beauty above all things
does this matter if that state comes?
is this something that is really needed
or that all that are enlightened will feel?
can this happen to one that is not
completely enlightened?
if the goal is for this ecstatic bliss to come
is this the wrong way to feel?
-yes -- these things will come on their own

nothing else is flowing now with this reading.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

a friend indeed, she is

what forces call you to be out of heart?
what forces work to frame your mind in ego?
what forces frame this way of believing you are not truth
bliss, heart?
what forces frame your world to be in another way
besides life true and real?
what forces frame your life to be in the persona way
rather than heart of all?
what forces work to move you to be out of life
in its naked state?
what forces work to make you believe that *one* is not
true and *many* are the way it is?
what forces work to leave a wondering in your mind
to leave a wondering in your body
to leave a wondering in your lips eyes ears
hands and voice?
like what is it that is this freedom
i know not what it is
i only know this world i have in me
that revolves and brings story makings
of she he they i and other
this i know
so this is the way it is for me

love though
this is not the way it is
life has it's shading ways and freedom ways
it is like the darkness comes in moments
when there is no light
but light is there in the sky as the heavens and as the
energy of christ vision
life is there like this
it does not live in shadow
yet it cannot be covered by it

death will work it's wonders
death the death of mercy
it is the knife of kali
it cuts imaginings to bits
to fragments
and then works again to cut the rest of what is there
that makes one believe God is not inside but out there somewhere
to be known only in thought

death comes to the mind as friend indeed
she is friend to one that opens in love with god
she is friend to men women that love god over other things
of the world
she is friend to those that wonder about nothing but live here
in heart of all
she speaks her words of energy not with what you think
like here i am
but takes away the prison voice that speaks of things of
takes away those things
and opens to the shaman breath
like whoosh
like here is the other way of spirit
and here too is open heart
and here too is the substance of absolute
and here too is the stilling
the leaving of all that is not truth
the reality
death she is not evil when she take away ego
she is friend indeed
death of suffering
death of dream
death of playing of me mine song
and life come instantaneous
birth of light
birth of timeless
birth of shiva
birth of all
birth of 0
here, this is it love
this is it