Sunday, September 24, 2017

what is natural


live free oh men, women
cast out those shadows that are not your friend 
but simply ego masquerading in many forms so as to take one away from what is true 
be not happy with ways of men that are set on being worldly
and framed in that which is not harmonious with what is best for all 
for this type of behavior and mind set 
is what is making the long lasting imprint of ignorance and 
hardship to the planet
i say to you there is another way that is synced up with the natural laws 
of the universe 
this way that is natural to your soul is where to go 
not out in the world of dorership and agitation of mind 
the world will cary on without your being involved in it and being more of a witness
to it
or a one that is simply present and alert, quiet within and living in a depth beyond 
the waves of phenomena 

see this is not something understood by thoughts or by activity 
but understood only by heart 
heart is not to be understood, but is what is the natural state of all
when those thoughts that dance so freely now are lessened, slowed and eventually 


Monday, August 21, 2017

we sat

we went to the  valley to sit for a while
among the earth song of love, full of the scent of life
we sat there in this lovely air that makes one breathe truth only
and when the day was done we still sat
and waited for the stars to glow and twinkle
each one made uniquely beautiful and with the same touch of life
a creation that does not come from calculating and planning it to be a certain way
and have a certain outcome and give pleasure to only a few
but a hand that commands all things to be the way they are
without a even a trace of personhood
these stars shine so full and free
as all of life does when the mind is done with it's games and devices
and way of traveling here and there
and everywhere in between
then life is seen as it is
as grace has made it to be
with one glow of love

we went to the mountains, we did my friend
and sat quietly there among the snow capped beauty
that springs up from the ground silent and majestic
these heavenly hills have nothing to say but speak so well indeed
of strength, life, fortitude, solidity, earth risen up to make beauty of rock
living as a picture of art that one has to say inside,
how is this done so well and perfectly?
the air so cooling, the world so silent
and there we did not speak either,
but simply sat here to be taken in by this heavenly view

ah, the maker of the earth what a hand indeed
tilling the soil with  the weaving of light and freedom so living
the seeds, the blooming things above, the rocks, the trees, the hills,
the wind
all coming into alignment every moment with what is truly natural for all
here there is no mistake that God lives and comes from mystery
here there is no mistake that every living thing sings of this love
oh world sit quiet a moment and do not move from this love so real
sit in your heart for a minute and take in what is here now
as all things are here
to be in this love so true and not away in mind
and gathering of thoughts and plans
and this against that
how burdensome this is to the mind and heart
how unholy and divisive
we cannot know truly what is right unless we have clear path thru to see
what is not right and in alignment with God
we have only to take the time to sit awhile and be with what is here
oh world how simple this way
how complex and hard the other

voice of the heart

the voice of the heart
like a song that cannot be understood by mind
a voice like something of another way that is not scented with
the personal way of me and mine
a voice that comes from the secret place of the mystics who are not
like what you feel they are
something that is in a place different than everything else
but are in a place that is the same as all else
as life sits in the yoni or the shakti heart it vibrates that way
outward in waves of heart, life, song of undivided one
with this heart song of life
a mystic is taken in to be washed clean of dross
this my friend is not a little thing at all or meant to say he is in bliss always
like something that is felt maybe to some
or in a way of constant freedom
he is burnt like all saints burn if you have read their stories
they are in great pain of austereness,
which really means extreme kinds of experiences in which they have no escape
but to surrender to the heart
as there is no other savior but the heart

a mystic is not one that is casual about searching
though he/she may play out a certain way on the outside
that may seem not in alignment with what is truly taking place inside
or just be ordinary seeming or not
what is taking place inside is a burning so severe
as to make one beg for mercy on the knees
and pray and pray and pray and keep on no matter the cost and pain
and burden and overwhelming phenomena

i have spoken of this mysticism today
i cannot speak of the way that is casual to a one
or has the luxury to not be fully
engaged in this journey for this kind of playing out in a soul is completely left to karma
or the playing out of lifetimes of being on the path
and having a heart that is set on this road to be purified

this is all to say for now my dear
you will know it when you are in it
it cannot be spoken about easily with anybody
it is spoken of little if at all
it is spoken of weakly when put out to others if at all
it is spoken of minus the feeling of truly being there
as all experience must be lived by that one that goes thru it
and cannot be conveyed to one fully if that one has not experienced it
and only god can know what is to be done and when and all of that
for in our way we can only be sincere inside and keep open to the life that is here
and keep walking with love, light and heart

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

As you go about your journey

as you go about your journey
will you remember your true self always?
will you hold only the pure teachings that guide
and not the shadow of mental wandering?
will you keep in your heart a faith that all is well
and that all will right itself in time?
will you hold in your pack a piece of bread that
is to be eaten in joy as remembrance
of life so graciously given?
will you sing openly the hearts song
with love and praise to be here now
and be glad to have this opportunity
to find freedom?
will you let all life be free and not seek
to posses what was never yours?
will you stay steady within all life experience
and not run when the dark presses in?
will you love the earth the same as your body
and not think of yourself to be
this or that?
will you turn not away from suffering inside
and sit with it in equal mind?
will you be content amongst all circumstances
even when all is taken?
will you see beyond the outer expression
and into the heart that is true?
will you find your true home in nature
and not within four walls that hem in?
will you drop the mind of pride and greed
so a fresh reality can enter in?
will you walk the trails of love and light
and seek company that is good?
will you set nothing apart from you
so as to make it high or low?
will you contemplate the truth at dawn and dusk
so as to shed the covers?
will you live a way that is within beauty
but care not
if you are applauded or criticized?
will you live life so purely
and within the moment
that your past is completey forgotten?
will you be quiet now in this moment
and allow life to simply flow
as it is?

only goodness

measure your days by
what you let go of
and not by what you
then you will be content
with very little
and not seeking more of
this or that
as a man does not come into
life with things
he does not know about
but only feels love and goodness
that warms him
and pleases him well
and where does this goodness
from God alone
and nowhere else
see, this is the most important
to be of goodwill and service
to God
and then forget all about
everything but his perfection
in which the heart opens
into and fills up with
yeah friend,
put your life into the search
and forget your little self
be still

heart pointings

what is true?
 - that which brings happiness to others

what is the right way?
 - that which follows God

what is the wrong way?
-that which is out of sync with the natural laws

what is whole?
-that which does not separate

what is to be done?
-efforts towards truth

what is to be said?
-words that aide humanity

what is freedom?

what is death?

what is beautiful?
-that which is holy and within grace

what is false?
-that which is transient

what is real?
-that which is unchanging

what is fear?
-that which hides

what is joy?
-that which is 0-ne

what is to be most cherished?
-company of the wise

what is to be most loved?
-Guru's pointings

what is to be most contemplated
-the scripture, Guru's pointings
and the transient nature of all things

what is grace?
-that which is not of the *me*

what is sorrow?
-separation from the pure

what is a friend?
-he who guides one towards the  good

what is an enemy?

what is to be sought?
-your true nature

what is blind?
-ignorance (ego)

what is clear?
-the light of Guru and wise souls

if i could do these things

if i were the air
i would breathe life into the
dry parts of your garden
that have not been tended to

if i were formless
i would move thru all barriers
shed light on your false wanderings
and dry your flowing tears

if i were unchanging
i would sit outside your window
like a mountain
in steady beauty as the passing shadows
dance around
and the night sky dissolves
giving way to color and light

if i were a river
i would wander to your gate
wash into your door
and bring you to your true mother
the deep mysterious ocean heart

if i could fly
i would soar to the heights of space
perch on a branch and sing of the heart
so that you could hear it
when you sit on the porch in the evening
and have tea

if i were the wind
i would call at your window
my song of emptiness
with a howl and a shake
so that you are startled
and shaken out of your dream

if i were the flowers
i would waft my fragrance near you
when you walk by
sweet and warm in the night air
and for a moment
you would forget yourself
and sit on the big rock awhile
so welcoming
gazing out into the evening sky

if i were the path
i would beckon you
through your experience that brings sorrow
to come to me
and begin
and be a wanderer
a mystic
in search of truth
so that you could find happiness
and peace everlasting

these are just some of the things i would do
if i could
but i cannot
as i am not the doer
and do not move anything
this is the job of grace
come to know it
dear one
this is where the beauty is