Tuesday, January 1, 2019

like mist on waters

does the mind have a root to it?
or is it just something that comes and then goes
like mist on the waters
without any moorings attached?
the waters stay like freedom unchanging
free of any of the reflections passing thru it
yet the mind how does it come and go so
as if it has nothing at all that is substantial?
can you find out love?
now is the time to look at it with clarity
it will come like a reflective energy
speaking in words or imagery
it will come like a hand that slaps hard
or a gentle soft voice that whispers
it will come like something of a daydream
it will come too with feelings of this is my
relationship to this
and this is my place here, not there
it will find you too in your dreams with colors
and adventures of a drama flow
it will come with you sitting, standing, walking
or whatever you are doing
so will you look at it once a little differently
with a discerning eye?
with a question too that is, what is this mind?
what is it about?
does it have a true constant presence?
does it have true constant way of making itself known?
does it have life outside of itself?
what is this mind?


  1. Namaste, thank you for the pointing. The Path and the practices are revealing the mind for what it is. OM.