Tuesday, January 1, 2019

like a river

try oh blessed one
to be open minded in your heart
for openness is the way to hear something that
is free of the ways of ordinary men
in your mind if you will open to the way of
higher consciousness
then you will be taken on a journey to a land
of timelessness

you will be moved there
as a wave is pushed by the winds
it moves not fighting it ever
for it cannot fight it
because at it's very core
lives the same nature
so how can it resist this force
that pushes it forward

when it moves one, this love of god
this thing that is like honey from the
that is in hoping, wanting to be free
with all their being
then one enters another way of being

the stream of consciousness
is loosened up
and flows like a river that moves and brings
up much debris to be flushed out
and taken into the heart to be destroyed
in the fires there

debris that has been collected from experiences
of life times
hard things, good things, tender things,
fearful things
deaths, many lives lived, all that has come
all that has gone
here God's grace works on the soul that is open
to this movement of grace
and brings mind to stop it's way of always manifesting
worldly visions that are dualistic in nature
rising, falling always

mind then is purified in time with this light
rinsing out lifetimes of collective things

God in pure intelligence does give goodness to the
one that stays centered thru it
not easy dear ones that are listening
very hard to bear
very hard to live thru
and yet one is taken forward and one goes forward

and one makes it thru
this maze of collections
the light of God sees it's way thru it
not the physical eyes ever
one then is taken into greater depths of being
that does not come from personal efforts
but grace only

one is taken into greater depths of being
as the mud is cleared more and more away
then one is well within a blessed journey
that will in it's time
bring freedom to it's heart


  1. Namaste, nice description of the journey, thank you for this. OM.

  2. Namaste, Thank you for the poem. OM Shanti.

  3. Namaste/\ The beauty of your pointings flow with compassion always leaving this Heart smiling in quiet joy. Thank you for lighting the way/\