Monday, January 26, 2015

same heart

we seek to be one always
whether we are searching in the world
to be united with another
or seek to be unified with the source
we have in our heart a great desire
to rid our souls of unrest and suffering ways

the man who seeks his heart in the world
is not always conscious of wanting to be one,
but he still is driven in this way

the sannyasa, he is very conscious of his
desire for freedom
and so he takes up the cloth, the rudraksha beads
and sits by the dhuni fire
with his mind fixed on the source
he cannot be defined by these outer trappings
because he may wear these energies within
and be outwardly very ordinary
but inside he is burning always
and knows he cannot turn from the path
of one(ness)/non-duality
even though he may suffer greatly
because he is not a person that wants
to be seen for his strength, beauty or even his words
nothing outward can please him
and make him feel content
he will only be content when his mind is still
and then his life is not his anymore
like the drop dissolves in the ocean
he then is free wherever he is
whether he speaks, it matters not
whether he works in the world, it matters not
whether he blesses others, it matters not
whether he is alone or in company, it matters not
whether he gives satsang, it matters not
whether he gives shaktipat, it matters not
whether he initiates the seeker, it matters not
whether he enjoys another's company, it matters not
whether he enjoys worldly pleasures, it matters not
whether he dresses outrageous or plain, it matters not
whether he is married, single or celibate, it matters not
whether he laughs, cries or breaks down, it matters not
whether he is gentle, intense, shy, awkward, bold, silly, cold, warm,
unmoving, moving, dancing, frolicking, performing rituals,
sleeping, complaining or looking whatever way imaginable, it matters not
it makes no difference to him
because he is not the outward playing out
like a wheel that turns and turns, but the still center remains forever
the same

so sons and daughters
do not be in judgement of the one that is done with the journey
and do not attempt to put judgement on a one that is within the journey either
for judgement is of the ego nature
it comes from the misconception of duality
and stems from wrong understanding

the outward appearances
how diverse it is
yet inside
the heart is the same
like the prism that breaks up into a
multitude of colors
but stems from a singular light
this is the atman
glorious and shed of all colorizations
not separate from anything

may all be steady on their journey
and let the heart be the guide
and awaken to the truth
or find
that which you seek in the world
and love and live it fully

shanti om

only the one

the bhakta,
he prays to be one with God
and then the kundalini fire comes
and destroys the egoic desires and movement
the prayer vanishes
and the one who prayed too
he then is unified with God
which means,
he (the one who was so very devoted)
no longer exists
only the one remains
and the one is what has always been

Friday, January 23, 2015


a man sows what he keeps as a focus
if his focus is outward,
the world appears as so many things,
but if he moves inward,
where mind is stripped bare
of all the gathered notions
then he begins to stop his sowing
of this false  way
and is taken in by something else
very different
which is called grace
grace begins to break down this sense
of doership
that makes him feel like a separate being
and with this blessing comes kundalini
burning away the darkness created by
grasping at that which is not real
oh  my friends,
how this is like a fire to the ego
and ego does not want to feel it's sting
but kundalini will not stop
it will keep putting mind
in the face to be seen for what it is
an empty playing out
that rises from nothing
and goes to nothing

love the SELF

the ego is the disease
it is not true
hearken to this dear one,
forget your world of fantasy
and place your attention in the heart
do not love the desires or
the thoughts
but love the SELF

from the dust

out of the dust,
from the dross, the mud
blooms the lilly
how fragrant it is
how full and without imperfections
the blossom of the toil
that comes from suffering
and sheds it's skin of the world
then lo, friends
the beauty of the heart
is what remains
without any gathered notions
of this and that
and you and me
just the truth
oh friends,
this is it
the life force of all