Tuesday, November 29, 2016

the death that brings life

dear friend,
do not fear death
for it is not what you think
in terms of taking life away
instead, it is a cleansing of the soul
it is like a friend to the seeker who is
open in mind and heart
it comes willingly to any who are absorbed
in the good work of clearing away the dross
and are walking the path in love
not having aversions to the hard ways or being
taken over by the pleasureful experiences
as the doctor administers to the wound a great
antiseptic that burns greatly
and it hurts to have it touched to the skin
so spirit administers salve that burns too
and wears down the dead ways of revolving energies
that keep surfacing and creating ill-usion
and what is in the bag of spirit medicine is
indeed death/surrender/letting go
it is a salve to the one that does not run from it
for it dries out or (pulls the energy that is cycling)
out of the mind to be not present any longer
and leaves a fresh flow of life there
for the mind cannot do this alone, it has nothing in there
that is of grace
grace is what gives it life to even be
and grace is what turns it towards itself to continue
it's course of engulfing or eating itself to be destroyed
the physician of heart (or spirit) will never take away
anything that is of life, light, love, joy, quietude,
peace, healing
as it is only a working that takes away the covers to this
for those that seek to aide others can do that on a certain level
but first the soul needs healing in their own self
to be able to be a light to others
and this is where the focus is needed is internal
not always working on an outside phenomena

death will be what is encountered for sure in time
but to be in fear and always running away from it is
not a beneficial thing
to be distracted always is not a beneficial thing
as this will only come again and again to your being
and to allow it to wash the dross away
is like a wave
that cleanses
and spirit is the end result and is the beginning result
and the in between
and never has there been this thing called ego
which is death (in a different way)
not a true way

Ramana-Vision writing 9-17-16

he has been appearing to my mind lately
when driving today, i saw him
he was with his cow Lakshmi
this evening too, when lying down
i saw him with Lakshmi
he is patting her body with affection
and such love
it is hard to speak of this vision as
there is such pure silence around it
he is there, the saint
in his form, he is not present
for he shines as all
as the mountain shines of beauty
as the stars twinkle like diamonds
as the seas move with majesty
so he shines as all this way
he is with his beautiful cow that
has no sins upon her soul
for she is made unto the same light
as the sage
it is true
he puts a blanket over her now

then another scene
he is with Jackie dog
walking through a path
that is coming to the ashram
the dog
he is so intelligent and loyal
to the saint

the saint, he does not choose
to love anyone in particular
but loves all the same
unconditionally as the SELF
what is there that is more beautiful?
oh souls, this is the most beautiful
of all
for the dust of the world is like a
transient thing truly
do not take it to your soul
take light only to your soul
make your life full of it

the scenes change with the sage
near his ashram
his body is dressed in a loin cloth
like those that wander the hills of
his form is a bit crooked in the knees
from sitting meditation so long
he sat
in the mountain caves with very little
to no provisions
yet he survived it all
and came back to live a life that was
pristine inside

i remember seeing many years back
his book in my bedroom
and when i looked at it the image
became animated
i know another odd thing to write
but you must be used to it by now
for i am not so used to ordinary
life in my mind and so be it
i  told Guruji about this and she said
he must be helping you
okay, good i said

what is he pointing to? arunachala
the mountain that sits as the SELF
it does indeed
it is the mountain that many come
to be near and live within
it has in it's interior caves an energy
that ignites spirit heart
it lingers in one's soul as the fresh rains
and deep oceans and wonderful fruit of
the spirit
it awakens the soul to be in love with the
it is a beacon to many
it puts the God essence to be in the center
it puts love where confusion once dwelled
it puts mouna where mind once dwelled
it puts spirit where the physical was the

i can see him fanning himself
sitting on his bed smiling
a little squirrel by him
a smile that is radiant on him
tending to him are his devotees
they feel themselves separate
so serve him
yet he sees no differences ever

this is the end of this vision writing
i never know what is going to be written about
so may you enjoy it for what it is
thank you for reading
this evening

shanti om

Friday, November 11, 2016

all that is good

spirit language is different than words/thoughts/ego-language
it flowers of love, blessings and rainbows of beauty and color
it flowers of seasons of nature
it flowers of night/day/moon cycles
it flowers of wondrous bright stars against a dark sky
it flowers of stillness that unfolds into doorways
open to the cosmos
where one sees into the mysteries free of boxes
free of dense forms/objects
free of birth, death and mundane seeing
kept as a secret inside the soul
and bursting out when the energies are in tune
with light
oh then spirit sings
of all that is good