Thursday, November 13, 2014

she lives...

she is this life pure 
oh love 
she is this one heart indeed 
she lives to make you well and whole 
she lives to free the soul from bondage 
she lives to breath fire into your heart to make 
you die a beautiful death 
and then rise like christ rose as a spirit 
that was not to be touched by the world 
or suffering 
she lives in you friend 
inside the heart and she is still always 
like pristine waters 
she lives there still like the moment untouched 
she lives there still like music without a singer 
she lives there still like the full moon without cloud cover 
she lives there still like mind in it's original state
she lives there still like shiv and shakti in union
she lives there still like night made day
she lives there still like forgotten suffering 
she lives there still like mouna 
she lives there still like the majestic mountain
she lives there still like kali in her naked state 
she lives there still like freedom made manifest 
she lives there still like brahman, buddha, christ and God 
she lives there still like a sinless presence 
she lives there still like timeless purity
she lives there still like ardhanarishvara
she lives there still like a dreamless sleep
she lives there still like a dreamless reality 
she lives there still like a dreamless ocean of one 
she lives there still like a sun full, with great rays of light 
she lives there still like a tree of knowledge 
she lives there still like the impersonal one 
she lives there still like love undivided 
she lives there still like love without attachment 
she lives there still like love that winds it's way thru
all things seen and unseen
she lives there still like a united heart that has nothing 
but joy within it 
she lives there still like a sunset ablaze with life and colors 
so rich that one cannot look at it without feeling her presence 
she lives there still like a river that runs without encumberments,
but flows joyously on and on without end 
she lives there still like a fresh breath of air that gives of itself 
and keeps giving and giving 
she is like this my dear heart and how she does not take anything 
but the suffering away when the heart is open 
and rejoicing in her
she loves all that are open to her, (and loves all that are closed in heart as well )
but when the one that is open comes fully to her love 
that is made of beauty and truth only
she will bless this one well and give what is needed to burn the 
separate identity to ash…
there is no understanding her way as she is the fullness of all
how is the mind to understand this? something that is beyond the limits 
that mind places on the soul?
when one is open to her, she will be right there immediately like an 
angel of light 
she will be right there as a graceful presence and take and take the 
barriers away that make one feel they are separate from God
for this is not right to believe that one is separate and is like a body 
and mind 
this is not well at all precious ones 
but she will say to you with quietude and joy that you are one always 
and you are like a still beautiful glow that is filled with rich wisdom
she will say this with stillness…. this is how she speaks always to you
that you are free now and always 
you are without thought and without worry and without doubts in truth 
and you are like a light that is filled with joy
she is speaking this way now to you dear 
can you feel it?
can you taste it?
can you see it?
can you touch it?
can you savor it?
can you love it?
can you breath it?
can you let this be how it is?
can you forget yourself and let her be and let her speak to that which is always whole?
can you?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

When Buddha walked the earth...

when buddha walked the earth
he put his baggage by the roadside 
and did not return there to pick it up
he walked thru the dark forest
of sensual experience
and sat by the wild animals 
and drank from the rivers 
and ate of the earth and shrubs 
and bruised his body on the rocks 
and forgot his past 
and forgot the world that spoke of attachments 
and dreams of this and that 
had he not walked into this jungle 
to find his pure soul,
where would he be?
a king for awhile that had all the things 
that money could by 
and all the luxuries and all at hand that 
was beautiful to touch and taste and experience 
but instead he chose the hard road of the mystic 
because in him blazed the fire of a seeker that 
was burning to know the truth 
when he was a boy he would sit by the trees 
and sit in meditation 
he would wonder about what the world was 
composed of... what it was made of... 
was it a solid thing?
was it something that could be held tightly to?
or was it as a dream that faded in the mist? 
how he wondered so many things like this
and felt his heart's desire becoming stronger 
to seek out the source of all..
then when all were asleep in their dreams 
and he was old enough 
he stole out into the night with his horse and companion
he did not look back or bemoan what he left 
he was as a mystic that would not be turned 
on the wrong roads 
what is this like my friends?
it is like a man that has in him what it takes to persevere 
and to not be persuaded to follow shadows and dark alleys 
that lead to perishable understanding 
for the heart is like the fire that consumes all other
and it is where the mind is to be focused 
when he sat under the bodhi tree
his mind was not looking back or forward 
but inward 
and he became the self of all
he was like the truth 
he was non-dual in nature 
and preserved eternally as this 
what has this to do with you dear souls? 
but to know he found the light unto himself 
that is the same within all
and this is where one is to sit and breathe and be 
like buddha all are awake inside eternally 
and to discover it
one must let go of the false shades of mind 
like this one that sat under the tree of knowledge 
how it is like this 
when one allows the tree of knowledge
to give cooling peace
to a mind that has been in the heat of the search so very long
and my friends 
did buddha worry about his comforts or what was to give him
pleasure or pain or make his life just right? 
he did not 
he lived in the open with no walls to hide behind or doors to lock
as the consciousness is vast like this without end 
without borders 
he lived in the open like being transparent and not seeking private space 
inside yourself to hide away in
and when he walked, he was barefoot on the earth with nothing separating 
his soul from the universe 
and when he ate, he ate what came to him no matter what it was 
he did not think about what he wanted or turn away what he didn't want 
this is a mind that is within equanimity always
not saying all the time within; this is good and that is bad
and this is right and that is wrong 
and when he spoke, his words flowed out spontaneously without thought 
like the river of grace that flows without obstructions 
and when he bathed, he bathed in the rivers or the rain washed his form
of dirt and mud 
as this is what came as grace from the universal mother to wash away the dross
with this blessing of being fully without covers and concealments 
he sat under the bodhi tree or the tree of great knowledge 
and sat and sat and sat 
and what he found there, was his mind that was cast in shadows 
of this and that 
separated out like rays of concepts and thoughts and all the rest 
but he did not look to the thoughts that chanted and tempted 
he looked to his own soul that was pure 
and with this seeing directly experienced the source 
and when he got up to move into the world
he was not in it like before
but purified as God is within light, love and quietude 
as this was what was always present, and not found like something new 
purity of consciousness forever lives here
never will it go away
how glorious is this 
and this time now, stillness is
be within it 
heart of all 
be here 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

beyond body and mind….

seeker, lay your burden down 
and let the grace of all move the being 
to stillness
for grace is the only thing that makes it right 
this is the reality 
the body is simply a vehicle of experience and 
is inert, insentient and cannot be the doer or the 
one that gives life force …
the mind, it cannot be the doer either for it is 
like a moving current that changes all the while 
and has within it nothing lasting that can be 
put in front of one and say "here it is!"….
this is what is to be seen sturdy souls 
see the movement with detachment and 
wisdom instead of getting lost there …
for in this movement, thoughts jostle and play about 
and are empty always, always …
grace though, it is the freedom that gives of itself 
it has within it love undivided and wisdom that 
is pure and holy and without the least stain of 
of the personal way...

the sadhu he is a one that walks the path
with his staff and gourd and robes of ochre 
he lives and breathes reality 
in his mind there is the driving desire to be free
from the transient way
and in his heart too, there lives this fire that burns 
he lives in the caves and lights the dhuni fire that 
is always burning bright 
this fire is the atman to him and it is what is to 
be entered into with love and courage 
he sits by it and chants or sleeps or eats or 
performs austerities 
he is not to be taken in by the ones that are masquerading 
as sadhus for this would be such a disgrace 
he wears his hair in dreadlocks of shaves it or 
keeps it long, it makes no difference 
his body is sometimes very lean and unkempt 
but it matters not, for he is not this mass of bones and flesh
and impurities ever and he is to know this well
when he sit on the ghats in the evening light or in 
the early morning he is well aware of death and how it 
comes to all without discrimination
the burial grounds are showing of this way that life has
how it gives and takes all at the same time …
in relation to the body, it comes into the world 
out of the womb of the mother…
and begins it's journey with eyes that are 
most often pure in the beginning, but tarnished by desire 
in time due to identification with the body...  
in time though, (sooner or later), the body begins it's descent 
downward and eventually it is taken away and buried or burned
or left out for the creatures to eat or what have you…
the sadhu he watches this type of thing and when this burning 
desire ignites with the feeling of death and seizes him
greatly -- then the mind is shocked into 
thinking that there is an end to it …
like Ramana who laid down at his uncles house as he was overcome 
by the feeling that he was to die and he went thru the death process --
the spontaneous inquiry came; "who dies?", "what dies?"..
with a flash he felt the "I" to be separate from the body and he 
knew without a doubt that he was not this body that walked around 
and talked and ate and all of this …
he was the absolute reality … this came to him not with a thought process,
but with an understanding that was not of mind …
like Guru too… she was sitting on the banks of the
ganges and understood her efforts were done on this journey and there was nothing
more that could be done … then she said, "on the altar of truth, i lay myself"…
and there was a great fear that arose, then the death experience came to her
and she was pulled into the absolute reality…. 
(which she has spoken so many times about)….
and after realization, went on to be a mentor to many going thru
kundalini, always making the pointing to stay in the heart and within

Ramana also spoke about letting go of the world 
and being in the heart …
this is what is to be seen and lived 
the heart is the soul fire of all
it is on the right side of the chest, but not really a local point that 
can be identified with -- it is truly not physical -- it is the absolute 
which is bodiless…
the right side is simply a way to say that one is truly the heart …
not the head, not the thoughts, not the playing out of the world …
but the heart, hridayam  = "heart am I" as Ramana says so perfectly….

-maha shanti om-