Sunday, June 25, 2017

hardly a single prayer

as the sadhu sits in the cave 
waiting for the moment 
to spark the heart on fire with silence 
oh world 
i sit like this in the heart of cave 
without covers 
oh god 
i lay down by the fire here 
and have hardly a single prayer left in me 
to say 
come to me dear light and give all you can 
to this silence that is forever here 
seek me out and lay your hands on me 
with love 
flower me with sweetness like the garden of 
joy that dances in the spring 
pray for me with all your heart like the monks, 
the munis, the sadhus and the nuns 
embrace me tender as the first love that finds 
its way into my breast 
and fills me with something new that brings
laughter and lightness
rain your mercy on me like shiva, kali, lakshmi
and buddha 
work with me to allow me to be your servant 
and then take me in lovingly as a mother would 
her child and relieve all suffering 
yes i have hardly a single prayer left to ask something 
of you
as i have found that stillness quiets all down and 
takes all away that came forward to be heard and felt 
so wearisome at times

yes, hardly a single prayer
as silence takes it all away 
and leaves something so much deeper 
richer and worthy of all the efforts
to come into it

Saturday, June 24, 2017

within this garden...

last evening before sleep a vision appeared 
of a garden with blue flowers 
the hibiscus were blue, large and grew in abundance 
there was a bench where one could sit amongst the 
lovely creation of wonder that mother nature provides 
so gloriously

there, within this garden, that was filled with 
different flowers and greens and earth 
sweet with rich nourishment 
arose a small plastic bubble that floated in 
the air 
within this bubble, a butterfly fluttered with wings of
various shades of blue 
that were patterned in fine blacks as well 
and all the touches of light that shine within these creatures 
that capture our hearts so 
majestic it was (this butterfly), but held within captivity 
and then the bubble that held it, broke open and it
flew out within the freedom of the air 
it flew as if it had found itself finally and could allow 
that which it was inherently to live truly without containers 
or borders or boundaries and all the things that are structured 
as ways to keep light from truly flowing out fully and freely
and then, many plastic bubbles arose floating in the air 
then these containers opened up too and the butterflies flew in the garden 
and travelled beyond it as well 
into the sky 
into the space 
and dissolved as light 

so here is one of the visions that came to this mind's eye 
as they come more and then less 
and come whenever 
but are not so all consuming still

this is the journey here i 
am still within sadhana very much 
and there is still slowing and gaps to mind 
there is an all consuming light and stillness 
there is still mind risings and physical phenomena clearing 
and circling about 
but i am not pulling back from this desire to go on
and leave the mind to fall completely 

i know oh love 
that it feels to you so long when i speak 
it is long indeed this journey 
that abounds to open to those sincere ones 
it is indeed a path of mysterious play that leaves one 
without covers or concealments or anything to cling to that 
will save one except surrender, faith and trust in the heart 
that is God or pure consciousness 
there the mind can relax and leave the rest to be handled by 
the pure intelligent source 
this is what takes place off and on 
and there is also a way that this path wears down the separate persona 
but one must see the conditionings that cause the effect of maya and all that works there 
so strange and confusing when one is lost within it 
and not get pulled into that and lost there 
for there, nothing that is of lasting value can find itself to be as it is 
and shine for all humanity to feel 
as this is the main thing oh seeker and one that is devoted to light 
whether you are truly walking a path or simply living life 
you must know that there is nothing that is different than your own heart 
every face you meet on your journey is nothing but one self
everything is this beauty only 
for we cannot be something other than this 
only this light