Sunday, November 17, 2013

where the sage dwells

a sage does not sit in the dark
he sits where all is bright in beauty 
he sits serene in quietude 
he sits serene in fullness
he sits as a lamp that never goes out 
he sits still and does not wander 
away from truth
if you can come to where he dwells 
then you will be stripped of your unrest 
you will be stripped of your thoughts 
that drive you to believe there is something other 
if you can come where the sage lives 
you will be what he is 
seated in the Self
is it not a most auspicious moment now 
to come? 
as the door is open to you
your birth is in these waters of clarity
where the soul will be rinsed clean
and you will be free
then you have no death that lays heavy
upon your soul any longer 
as it is simply a creation of mind 
and nothing else 
it is a moving energy that speaks of ending 
and beginning 
beginning is the moment you step away from
your fears and doubts 
and enter into the waters where all is of truth
then you are as a lord of yourself
not pushed about by thought any longer 
not pushed about by your driving desires 
how they sting, do they not?
how they call you to be of another nature 
that is not true and right 
oh soul,
come to these precious waters of all
and be like your self 
made of such wonder and mysterious life 
that is not bound 
step in and be 
there will not be a hand that reaches out to you 
and gently takes you in 
and gently washes your tears away
as your tears are only made of dreams that are not 
to stay 
the only way is to move forward 
even within your fear and doubt
breathe and rest in the steady light 
it is the only way
there will be a shake up of your world for sure 
but do not be afraid of this 
for it is a good thing to be shaken clean of your 
attachment to body and mind 
it is such a good thing 
to be shaken clean of your wrong knowledge 
you do not know anything about life truly 
until you die to this beauty 
you know nothing now and nothing at the end 
this is true 
and this unknowing is true knowledge 
which is God 
which is true peace 
come forward now 
and come and come 
until no more mind remains to mask
your true nature 
come forward


  1. Namaste, beautifully written. Thank you for this writing today. OM

  2. Namaste - Love this writing. Much gratitude. Om Shanti

  3. Namaste, thank you for this, really resonates. Ego's world does get shaken up, but all for the good. Om.

  4. namaste, thank you for your comments -- happy it is of benefit.. om shanti

  5. Namaste Guru Siddhananda,

    Thank you for ever pointing to the clear waters, and for pointing one to not fall into the trap of thoughts, body and desires.


  6. namaste, you are welcome .. om shanti