Tuesday, May 23, 2017

spirit work

when death comes to you will you be ready?
i wonder
because it will come (death), you know
this time in this body will be done one day
and you will be onto another journey that continues
but i must say to you, that when you are ready to pass
your body lays lifeless and you cannot "act" even if you
want to
you cannot get up and go do what you think is so important
that you feel you must do now (not even the smallest thing)
you are helpless to what is to come and rushed out into the
after life without a jury to listen to your pleas
and give extra time to look at what needs to be looked at
you cannot move or speak at all
you see, this i have seen so many times being at the bedside
of those dying
how their eyes say so much, but their body will not cooperate
the same way
and so they are left with their thoughts that turn and turn
and  the reality is if there has been no investigating of the truth
or time spent on spirit work
there is nothing of substance there that will hold
this is what are called vasanas or tendencies that are later reborn
again to play out
so my dear, you have this time in this form to be of good spirit
and look deeply at your mind, life and come to the heart
for if this work is not done now, it will come back again later
not one soul gets out of anything
it is true
not one soul can escape karma and the happenings there

not of the worldly way

when life is put under a bed of thoughts 
it cannot breathe it's truth 
for it is laden with personal views 
that make it into something other than 
what it is

it cannot come thru to the heart clearly 
or speak it's silence that flows forward 
of itself 
that comes from no-thing that can be seen 
or named 
but flows from the source and is the source 
and drowns out the voices of mental habits 
all consuming and casting it's spell of bodily
identifications that takes over so strongly
this power of mind 

yet this is not to be seen as true  
this happening of illusion
but seen as something of a dream-spell that comes 
for a time and has no concrete substance that can be 
called eternal 
it is an energy that moves with desire and attachment 
which is the main holding there 

worldly men 
how they seem to be the center of the societal revolvings 
on the planet 
they speak and speak as if they are authorities on something 
but really what is within their hearts is what matters always 
not the outer coverings like gender, religion etc..
these things are like shadows over a land that cannot be  
seen clear if the speech is always separating out this and that 
and always talking of you and me and what happened yesterday 
and what will happen tomorrow 
and what i am and what you are 
and what they are and all of this kind of drama
there is not a conveying ever of what is true and right and whole 
(in the world of appearances) 
this just comes when the one sincerely searching finds the right teacher 
that can direct him/her to the well spring of life which is freedom
this cannot be found in the world of appearances and societal playing out 
that is so drenched in conspiracy, drama and deception much of the time 
and changing always onto something else without a break
this (light) cannot be found in the worldly ways of men

preacher, tell me what you know of love 
for i have heard you preaching so long and yet i have not heard the 
voice of light come thru clearly like a beautiful, unfettered stream that 
runs through all things and leaves no residue 
what have you to say about this when you speak? 
have you ears to hear the smallest voice that whispers, be still my love 
do not play so much in mind like you do 
do not make plans that inherently have within them expectations 
of something else than what is happening now 
do not seat yourself in the garden of dry and lifeless fruit  
and flowers that wither quickly
but come into yourself as a bird that soars to the heart of God 
not captured any longer by the scenery so laden with duality of men 
fly to the heart of God oh soul 
and do not tell the world your cries of how you know so much 
because when you come to the heart 
you know nothing then 
and then how will you speak of your certain philosophies and attempt 
to make yourself separate and special with so much knowledge of learning 
i will ask you then oh preacher and dear souls 
what do you haveto say then that is so learned, certain and right 
when you have been stripped of all that you thought you were?
what will you have to say then?

Monday, April 17, 2017

like this

a vision came this afternoon
of a water spout pouring out fresh, clear water
a head was bent beneath this water
the water ran over it with vigor for a long time
what appears then is a nun in a white habit
the nun walked away, her flowing veil blowing in
the wind

then she reappeared clasping the hands of a priest
there they engaged in conversation
of what i am not sure
there they stood connected by hands and heart
and she dropped to her knees head down

a vision then, of a lovely fresh face of a girl with a white veil
head down, eyes closed, hands clasped in prayer
water running like a river within this scene and doves too
there too is the christ image of heavenly heart
that rises when the worldly way of being in the outward
appearance ends
there he is with his hand out touching the souls
that are there with joy
there he is touching the earth with his bare feet
that are the light of all
the light that is not in the physical form
but appears through it as the  pure heart at times
when the mind is no longer playing it's song

there are the animals with the glow of light
and the angels too with the song of love
fear not, is the song that flows always

dear hearts
i am the light, the christ, the lamp of shiva
i am this light as i live in all things pure and impure
and am not touched by them ever
i live in all things as a sunrise never to set
when you pass the place of shadow which is only
creative force of mind/energy then you come to this place
that has no name or face or purpose or goal or ending spot
for it lives always in one place which is now
forever in one place of living waters

do you know this love my dear?
you are made of it as the heavens are
you are made of it as the earth is, like riches mysterious
you are made of it as the sun, moon, stars are
like this you live in all things as one that is present
without conditionings or attachments or physical heaviness
like this you live made of one perfect heart
like this you live in all and all in you forever
not as a divided entity that breaks up into rays of light
or colors
but as the pure original nature in which all flows forward
yes dear like this living essence
yes like this you live

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

impersonal heart

in the ancient traditions
the practitioner is taught to be within himself
as the objects of nature are
as still as a piece of wood or stone
as still as the bird that awaits it's prey
as still as the calm before the storm
as still as the eye of the hurricane
he is taught to be still
as still as the empty house that vibrates
with the sound of life play
as still as the sound of one hand clapping
as still as the world before the person was born
as still as the song with no singer
as still as the buddha nature that is not born
nor can die
as still as the impersonal heart
the master points to this way of
to put the mind in a different way of being
to take the mind out of the spinning cycles
to take the mind away from the creative world
in which "I" revolves

the way a master connects with his/her student
is not something always shared with the public
this kind of connection that is made in these sacred
unions are rare indeed
they are not understood by looking at the person that
is shaped a certain way
and imparts certain mannerisms that are this way or that
this bond of light cannot be taken in like this
within the worldly view
it is a bond that occurs in the heart light
that has come from the desire of many lifetimes and the
connection to the fire force of the absolute

the master that is true in these ancient traditions
impart knowledge without the mind understanding it
in a logical sense
this is how it is
the logical way of seeing is shaded by all the thinking
and so much always wanting to move forward on a certain
course to gain and get rid of, and improve upon
this is stopped in it's tracks with the transmutive power of
energy coming from pure consciousness
so most of the workings of the path take place on a level
not understood by the surface thoughts
it works mysteriously

as the buddhist masters would give the student simple sayings
that cannot be understood
it hearkens back to that place of the mind saying, "what?"
the mind will not get it
or the master will open up another space of seeing that is much
deeper and was not viewed before by the student

the main thing that is imparted however is
the truth is within the heart of all
for this thought that one is not free or is bound or is this way or
that is shaken out
these opposites that the mind grabs hold to is shaken out
and the mind becomes more quiet, more present, empty
yet full of pure life
and then the flow of beauty comes thru the heart of that one seeking
until that seeker is extinguished as a personal energy that is felt as ego

Monday, April 3, 2017

i simply began...

those experiences of the past have written
something on your heart
that you are moving with
and changing with
but oh soul
those thoughts come as rain comes
and sun comes
as clouds and open passages come
as closed doors come
and as ripe fruit and dry leaves drop
from the trees
those stories and thoughts come this way
never staying long as one thing to grab to
never staying long as a continuous note that
they turn to winter yes
they turn to summer yes
they turn to spring yes
and to fall
and to death
and rise again
like all of nature does
so the very first thing that is within many spiritually
bright religions
is to look at the transient nature of all things
including mind
to see how it comes, goes, does not have staying power
and to stay grounded in the breath and equanimity
rooted in a way to the earth heart
and there, one will feel the forces blow strong of the
vasanas that will have their play on the body and mind
without end it seems
and will be hard to resist to follow
and will be hard to not bite down on and pound the fists against
or come into it's cocoon of comforts or whatever has it's enticement
but to react to it makes it stronger and forces like that will
come strong as an ox again
or possibly in sheeps clothing too, all of it
one is to stay rooted in the heart and the present moment and the
present pure experience with these forces.... and not entertain them
so they die out....
do not think that this is something that will happen quickly.. it will indeed
take a long, long time and also at some point a true master is needed to
help finish the journey, but this will come for sure when the student is ripe
and ready... don't worry... the right thing will come when the conditions are right
just do the work of being present within the present conditions with love,
without having expectations
or pressing down on yourself to be this way or that ...
allow the flow of heart to open with love, care and gentleness...
even though the strong forces will be there,
stay within the right character and intention to be honest and within the flow of heart...

well i guess this writing is completing and here for any that are interested
it comes from the experience walked here apparently
for this is where i started with a very young child and with meager living conditions
simply began with looking at myself and desiring peace for myself and humanity
i had no idea where the journey would lead or if there would be a teacher that came or not
or what a Guru was for that matter...
and the journey went forward and from there ... well, i have written a lot about that ...

great day and om

prior to this construct

what weighs on you now is a doorway to open
to the heart of all
see it as it is... a calling you back to the moment
like a cloud it covers its spell of mind
with this it has no true substance to stay
it is moment by moment this way
it is not ever for one minute concrete and
continous as a person that is real
so this is why we work to see it for what it is
and to go back through it to the space in which
nothing exists
the space or consciousness prior to this construct
that is called a persona
the mind will never help you in the end to bring it to
it's death
the mind cannot go beyond itself
it can only turn inward as a snake eating it's tail until
it is finished for good
this is why to the intellect it works at *understanding* and
building insights and gaining knowledge of the objective
world or gaining knowledge or insight of experience to
help it to see
yet this seeing is only partial, it is incomplete as there
will not be a settled knowledge that is still and complete
in all places at all times
there will only be a turning and revolving of mind and the
forces there
yes there can be a maturing of thinking, more openness and all of
this, this is very good for sure
but again, there is still the mental ups and downs, the attachments
the upset, the spinning that happens ... it will go on ... and this is
what is called suffering
so this is what is to be seen and looked at

i am not here to tell one to do this or do that
i simply flow with this writing as it comes
and also, i must say that this is the work that has come here
as i am not saying something that has not been experienced here
one cannot do this, not ever ....
so this is what it is

oh love
i will not ever leave the shoreless ocean heart
blooming continuously as a garden lit with love
in this garden heart
the winds blow easily and without interruption
blowing the thoughts away in the air
here now, then gone swiftly
carried to where?
coming from where?
great separation between them and great
slowing pace to them
not completing
what was so important anyway?
who is there to understand?
here in the garden heart
free from this journey so long
here in the garden heart
i sit

Sunday, April 2, 2017

you see, this is the doorway...

beautiful soul
i move with something that speaks in my heart 
to say 
that you have not been what is real
you have not let your mind settle down into something 
other than the familiar 
for if you did you would be done with this worldly way 
in which calls to the mind to continue dancing in the mayaic realm
of otherness 
it calls as a master calls to it's student to be this way and that and not 
come fully to the waters of light 

i am not saying this to be judgmental, but in the way of the world 
there is mostly an entertaining of this kind of thing 
not a seriousness about being as the ancient masters are which 
is dynamic, like a fire-force that has nothing but love at it's base 
and nothing but stillness in which it lives 
nothing but mystery of the absolute in every breath, cell, word
and consciousness 
with this fire force of heart, these ones walk upright without 
needing support or influences or education from anything to 
improve it or help it along...
for the end that is the beginning of pure life cannot be improved 
upon by anything created by mind, hand, tongue, word, deed 
it is as it is from beginningless time 
beautiful, full, without covers and within all hearts equally

you see, we are made as this beauty in truth 
and even if we feel not like this inside now or weak 
see, this is where there is a doorway to open into 
to go through 
we go through our shaky places, our voices that call us back 
our revolving painful aches ... all of it, the shakiest, weakest 
point is indeed an entrance into something different 
look at it soul! 
what keeps coming back to you is the doorway to see that these 
thought/concepts are like shadows that come and go 
it is only your mind that continues to produce it to come into reality 
and make it real 
oh soul, yes ... this is what is to be seen
that those tender spots that sting so and make one draw back are the 
moments that are given to see through the mind 

well i am taking time to write this out, oh one of heart 
it is not like i planned it at all this way, these words 
it is not like i said that i will write something that is to make one 
be present 
it is not like i went over this in my head or hoped that there is a result 
it is not like i prayed about it or practiced it or worked on a lecture about it 
it is not like i find anything to be lower or higher and something needs help 
and something does not 
it is not like i love as a personal thing when writing it 
and even if it flows as a thing that feels someone is writing it 
it is not true for it comes the way it comes 
i really am not involved with it 

today there is something more flowing 
like a river without any stopping places 
like a wind without any catches to it 
or a doorway that stays open to love 
oh soul
this is the way it is 
there are phases that come and stay and revolve
and deepen and surface and deepen again 
and then one day another depth that lingers 
longer and longer 
and feels heartier with strength, quietude and more 
effortless than ever 
oh friend today it is felt this way 
and i know this writing feels as if someone is excited 
about it 
but it is not that way 
it is not like a running around kind of thing and wanting 
to sing on the roof tops about it 
it is a settled being in the moment with one pointed concentration 
and not having to be constantly internally saying mantra or 
concentrating on balanced breath when mind is in action 
simply a few breaths and the flow is back 
sturdier, more substantial
oh what work it seems friends to go on and on with great efforts 
and what a joke it is to be simply peaceful without those hard personal efforts
(as if that suffering person never existed at all) 
it is as if it has always been quiet 
yet there is still a cognition that there has been such a long journey walked 
well this is this day 
and it is not done 
and the journey continues until it is complete
but i feel grateful to rest a little more this morning in the flow of 
heart and quietude 

blessed day to all!