Monday, December 11, 2017

Let go the burden

in the season of change 
there lived a man named omen
he put himself in an unfortunate predicament
because he carried with him all the time 
a burden so heavy on his back
he took it with him everywhere he went
and would not lay it down 
not even by his side where he could see it easily and know it was safe 
he carried this burden as a man that was like a beast in the fields
and huffed and puffed about as if he had serious business to do 
in holding this heavy package...
one day a living sage entered the town
omen was in the street in his usual state of huffing and puffing and making his way
with his heavy load...
the sage came across him and said..
what are you doing with that load on your back?
omen said he was carrying it because he needed to and wanted to make sure 
nothing was ever missing in his belongings..
the sage said, well this looks to be quite a daunting thing --
do you not see that it is daunting and a burden to your being?
omen said, he felt it very heavy and was quite weary yet he needed to do this 
as he could not leave his things behind somewhere ...
what if they were stolen or taken away?
the sage said, all that is given is by God and this is what is 
the most precious -- 
have you paid attention to what is most precious?
omen said, he had no time for that due to watching over his things that he guarded
and he put his energy there -- for what would i be without this looking always to my
things and my world in which i go about insuring all is in order and safe and 
kept as usual? 
the sage said, what is usual for you is not usual at all within the truth...
and when this truth is entered... it will be known, that nothing was ever missing ...
this is a false way that you have caught yourself in and it is creating misery... 
and for you to find another way that is more joyous and lighter 
you first need to let go and be free of the burden that you guard so fervently ...
the sage, said - here i will take your burden, so you can walk lighter and he made his arms open
and ready to relieve this man of his heavy load...
the man said, oh no sir -- my, this cannot be okay in my mind as i know these things so well and 
know if you took them, i may not see them again -- and what would i do or *be* without all these things  
that i work so hard at attending to?
the sage said, that he could find out if he let go...
but the man chose to not free up this pack of heaviness and moved onward about his journey, laden with 
his belongings...

well what to say souls, but this is the way of many that come into a path of light and love...
so stubborn inside to guard the suffering and insistent on having things 
the way of ego, that the opportunity to be free is lost ...
may the steady souls be not taken in this way and keep onward into the light of all...
not looking back and not entertaining the shadow that is fading away due to grace ...

om shanti

Monday, November 27, 2017

beneath the waves

i called to you here friend
beneath the waves
and have waited like the moon waits
for the sun to be just right
and show up itself in fullness in the night sky
i called from this beauty to your soul
that is so perfectly seen here in the light
as the glory that you are
i called to you friend
to come hither into this sea of knowledge
and untouched rest
be the one of all
be the light of reality
most of all
to be real and steady
be still

do not take this heart to be yours
it is not
it is of itself in fullness and rich beauty
that is *ALL*
not like the mist on the seas in the morning light
or the dew that trembles and dissolves
with the rising of the sun
but steady in constant quiet
and even the most pure is not compared to it
the dove (how lovely it is) flies away and is gone
as well as the beautiful sky in it's brilliant colors
fades so quickly
but not this heart that is still
it lives always
in love and perfect peace

Thursday, November 23, 2017

a vision 11/23/17

this early morning, a vision arose

i have not seen crisp, clear visions for awhile
in the same way as before
sometimes only

this vision was a bit hazy, yet completely
perceptible and understandable in it's unfolding

there were two forms walking in a covering of clothing
these forms converged
the full moon entered and moved down their full bodies
until those forms vanished

then the full moon was above my head and ran down
this form
the feeling of it lovely and surreal
my feet could be seen in boots of a sort
my form was pulled up out of these boots
and felt to be air-like in it's nature
water, a torrent of it was poured over me
as a mystical flow of light

and then just light poured down over me
from head to toe
up and down this way

then, there was a tunnel
a man was upright in a business suit
he lay down, his shirt buttoned tightly up
with his tie around his neck and knotted
like usual attire in the worldly realm of
business life

i walked over this form body
and travelled down a tunnel
there was a door that was closed
with light
coming from underneath of it
i stood there and waited
and then the single door turned into a
double door that opened slowly

there was a cross on the door that was on the left
i stepped into this opening
crossing the threshold into this other mystic land
it felt
crosses made of light were falling
here and there
crosses that rested on backs of people that carried them
were falling

there were light rays coming from all sides that moved thru
stilling and peaceful
this scene unfolded this way for a while
traveling thru with light rays appearing and penetrating
all that was there
almost like a crystal feeling to it where light bounces off
each other in different facets
and cuts

there was a form shadow on the ground
smoke and fire rose from it
in billowing dark plumes
rising and burning from it

a cathedral type of passageway was in the distance
it looked to be made of gold
with the entrance way curved and jutting upward
came rushing from this cathedral
in torrents
living waters

then a flower emerged
with the opening made of light
and other form bodies emerged as if walking away
walking away
and leaving just this opening made of light

this is all
that is coming

so for now
and blessed thanksgiving to all

Monday, November 13, 2017


for the saint 
the only birth is the body
the soul has always been eternally free
not this 
not that 
forever whole 

for the saint 
the heart is pure always 
as the seas are made glorious 
and the winds come from 
beautiful stillness
the rains 
and the seasons 
all rise and fall in the same heart
that is one self

for the saint
there has never been other 
only this one 
not ending 
not beginning 
as a light unto itself 
there is nothing that can touch
this purity

for the saint
the prison is the mind 
the mind that is not true 
as it is has no substance 
or constancy within it 
it is made of energy only 
and not immutable like 
pure spirit

for the saint 
all that is seen and unseen
is the same 
not living somewhere apart
and belonging to anybody
just is 
so very natural
yet ungraspable 
to mind

for the saint 
peace is not born 
because it can never die 
peace is what is real 
within all 
living as sat chit ananda

for the saint 
life is now always 
it cannot be contained in form 
and mind 
it is a mystery 
an unalterable reality 
that is shiv shakti in one 
not two
not two

for the saint 
love is uncreated 
it is inherent within the soul
of all
it has nothing to cling to 
nor can it be made into 
something to own
it lives always unencumbered 
with no blockages 
like a river

for the saint 
the one reality is what *sees*
as clarity
not the eyes truly
as they are merely instruments 
that are empty
seeing is of spirit
as well as pure intelligence 

for the saint 
me and mine fall away 
to never rise again 
in the heart 
all is well and 
forever one
at peace 

for the saint
men and women are simply 
forms of the same one 
not separate 
a play of God in all aspects 
but never dancing apart 
always undivided

Friday, November 10, 2017

in reality

you are a single
being always
not divided as you think
you are a mystery
and a bright glow
you have no burden
to carry
or any involvement
in the world
you are not a form
you are absolute truth
in reality

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

a deeper reality

though it takes great efforts
to continually rein the mind in
it is the only way to begin to open to truth
which will bring experiences that speak to a deeper reality
and put an end to the movement eventually
the other choice is to of course
continue to immerse in mundane mind
and all that comes with that
there is always a choice..

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

always the self

where have you gone really?
you can never leave here 
in truth
you are always here as the self
no matter the mind play