Saturday, May 12, 2018

spirit session 5/12/18

moon over still waters
timeless moon
secrets there
secrets hidden
secrets water
secret light
hidden in heart

moon reflect open
open heart
heart of psyche

will open mind
open heart
to this connection
living grace of this
this saint like energy
of purity
open to that

*heart being open
and then have brilliance of moon reflecting
and then the stillness
the stillness that's there
it is like questioning mind and
and seeing that it is like a reflection
you haveto be still in order to see it


there is a book open
bible passages
bible open
each word has something of value
with words that string like line of shakti
come out

*they have their own energy
the bible passages
have their own energy
they carry weight and energy in what they
are saying

they are like all things
not to be viewed like
here i am
like i read, i memorize
listen with something else that comes from all things
with these passages
not like with, i remember this about me
this about full

*don't intellectualize and memorize
be open to full depth of meaning
some want to take things out of context
and spin into something else
like prosperity messages
which takes it 180 degrees away from
(Christ's) teachings
you haveto look at the whole thing
the whole passage
rather than take it out of context

life like this
like one with things
not like me orient
life like this
and bible passages
speak to passage way to heart

*it is an opening to heart if you understand it

what is seen is a round light
through there is a passage way
it is like a path that is seen thru that
that narrows and goes deep into this space of light
that is what the passages are like
like a thorough way
(to the heart)

*one must stick to narrow way
within honesty integrity transparency
"broad is the way to destruction
but narrow the way to salvation" is the quote
that comes

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

wondrous reality

the dream dreamed of being born
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is singular, whole
the dream thought itself to be separate
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is unmoving
the dream dreamed itself a body
the wondrous ocean of reality remained as it is beyond birth and death
the dream dreamed many good and bad experiences
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is clear and without distinctions
the dream dreamed the body was the self
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is pure intelligence, no-thing
the dream dreamed that it would die someday
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond mental polarities
the dream dreamed of pleasure and pain
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is impersonal, free
the dream dreamed of fear and disappearing
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is serene, vast as the open sky
the dream dreamed that it was special
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is steady as the mountain
the dream dreamed that it was some-body
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is full and complete
the dream dreamed that it had done good and bad things
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is calm, untouched, pure
the dream dreamed of many people
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is eternal, limitless
the dream dreamed of doing
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond personal experience
the dream dreamed of suffering
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is - O-NE
the dream dreamed of happiness
the wondrous ocean of reality remained as it is a paradox of wonder
the dream dreamed of a future
the wondrous ocean of reality remained a it is beyond understanding
the dream dreamed of a past
the wondrous ocean of reality remained as it is unaffected, timeless
the dream dreamed that there may be something beyond
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is completely free, beyond
body and mind
the dream began to question it's existence
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is still, tranquil, everpresent
the dream questioned where it came from
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is unchanging and without stain
the dream began to slow down and quiet as it had no answer to the question
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is constant, without a ripple
the dream began to freak out as it had no answers and maybe that meant
it wasn't real
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is calm, unchanged, timeless
the dream began to lose it's power
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is tranquil and beauty-filled
the dream began to die out
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is cam, unchanging and at complete rest
the dream began to pull itself back with all it's might
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond duality and mental concepts
the dream began to fade and all was still
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is mysterious, empty
yet completely full
the dream came and went, came and went
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond the play of mind
the dream questioned if it truly existed if it could come and go, come and go
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is beyond fluctuation of mind
the dream began to quiet down
the wondrous ocean of reality remains it its undying perfection
the dream began to fade out
the wondrous ocean of reality remains as it is quiet and without a trace of
the dream dissolved as it was only a transient wave
the wondrous ocean of reality remained as it is, still, undying, calm and within perfection

O-nly the ocean remain as it is and has always been
perfect, whole, complete PEACE
nothing separate
nothing ever existed but THIS
this ocean that lives within all and all within it
Not two, not two

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

seeking freedom

master, i have been away in the world
and found it wanting of peace 
what am i to do now as i cannot be content with 
the waves of mind and desires that are so all consuming in their way
i desire to shed this covering of the false 
and enter into liberation
how am i to do it? 
i am not anything special in my way, nor have i great strength 
nor do i possess perfect qualities...
i am not a renunciate...
what am i to do? --
can i know God even though so very basic in my ways i am?
the master said, sir yes you can know God in your heart 
if you are truly desiring to be set free
and devote your energies towards the good
which means towards honest living and pure intention
this flame will be lit and will grow to consume the separation in time..
if you are devoted inside to purity and truth -- and these are watered 
as one waters seeds in a garden...
this will grow in the being and eventually bear fruit...
do not trouble yourself with when or how or who...
simply stay in the heart, focused on the present without going about 
putting barriers up for yourself ...
if energy is placed towards this end of liberation, 
there will be a time when the right conditions will manifest
*if one remains surrendered and sincere*
and critical mass will be reached 
and the whole structure of mind will topple...
whether now or in the next life -- it matters not ...
the timing is up to grace ...
what matters is that energy and focus is placed in the right direction now..
this is all one is to do --
the seeker said, my master i feel so unequipped to be a student at times 
my heart is torn in many directions --
though i seek to be free, i am divided in my way and caught up in the world 
and it's pursuits 
please tell me how to let go of this, so my mind is focused entirely on God 
the master said, you are not divided truly, this is mere imagination...
like a mirage ... 
if you can let go of this thought that you are this way or that way...
then there is an opportunity to go deep within and see what else lies 
under these identifications...
but if you get lost in the thoughts, then this will not aide your journey...
you can be focused one-pointed -- in one direction ....
this will take time, keep making efforts...
the seeker said, you make it sound possible, like it is a choice that can be made...
the master said, it is a choice in one way -- and choiceless in another when one is  
surrendered within... 
but there is no need to worry about anything else, but being present and keeping focused 
on the experience that is now...
soon enough mind will become more centered and then one continues to look at mind ...
and confront it directly with self-inquiry...
it will be seen that ego is no-thing -- it is not to remain, but will dissolve when 
it's identity is sought out...
like seeing a mirage of a tree with roots and getting up close to it
to examine it directly and it dissappears...
what reality does it have truly, if it dies away upon clear seeing?..
the seeker said, master thank you very much for your wisdom
i am to go now and be off to my life, yet i will take with me what you said
and make efforts to keep the mind focused and not put on my self troubles and 
questions that lead to no good end... 
i will do this with my heart and if i forget, will go back at it again
for there is nothing more to be done, but to let go it seems...
the master said, yes, let go and do not bring back what has been discarded...
do not try to understand experience, simply live it -- not analyze and all of that ...
thank you master for this blessing said the seeker and he bowed deeply
and touched his master's feet 
and his mind quieted and he breathed easier in this moment .,..

and then he got up and went his way in the world...

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Taking Steps

My dear
don't you understand
the time has come to change
the mind has intruded for so long that you don't know
any other way
come let go of the shadows
silence is a million times more beautiful and true
the clothing of illusion
never did belong to you

Come outside where the air is clear
come and leave the smoke
when the mind is clear and free, you will get the joke
when the edge of your world and the unknown come into view
you will be struck that what you grasped to as reality
was simply mist and not true
like dust that covers a jewel
the most precious treasure sits
and waits for you to follow it's sweet scent
thru the open doors of which you are not familiar
thru the passage ways that open to what one does not know
thru the dark woods where thoughts echo and dry leaves blow
thru the solid wall that grace cuts through
ove the steep hills and down into the open valleys below
diving deep into yourself this is the only way
come, follow now
the light is breaking thru

One must take steps, and though it may seem like you will fall
and fall you must in which eternity you dissolve
fallen facade of mental contructions
fallen past of pleasure and pain
fallen ghosts that haunt and cycle to create a world that never existed
fallen shadows that cloud the light
fallen robbers that steal peace
fallen roads that lead away from the real
fallen seeds of thought that blossom into more
fallen tree that gives rise to the feeling of other
all left behind when one crosses the line
of your world and the unknown

Hush child,
the wind is crying loud
keep walking steady, there is nothing to fear
inside there is an emptiness that calms and washes the ache
and when one walks in the world but is not of it
there is nothing that can harm
for nothing is lost in this ground
of pure life and mystery
it is here and now
and the truth of what you are
but you must take the steps
to discover...

That nothing is lost but the suffering...

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

smile now please

energy speaks different much of time 
energy say something else that is rather surprising 
like i not know what will be written 
i do not have any knowing now 

here goes 

many moons rise on waters beautiful 
like sun rise over hills each morning 
many nights fall on land 
shaded in darkness where heads sleep on pillows 
with dreams 
skies brighten at dawn, mountain tops emerge with shadows 
waters sparkle with stars twinkling in them 
these things emerge spontaneous as all things emerge 
there is no doer in them 

beautiful waters flow in river beds churning over rocks 
with foamy white caps 
small pebbles move make clicking noise as touch each other 
grasses sway too with breeze over open valley empty with song 
of divine beauty
fine dirt there too with smallest pebbles 
sit still but move with breeze too 
and lift up to go with way of wind song 

as this play freely flows 
life lives dancing like men that throw burden  off
light in heart so freedom can live in that space 
light in breath, air, so freedom cannot be made into 
a box of something other 
the flower lights up with the best light filtered by sun 
brought to it sweetly
flower lights up
is there something that world not understand in this?
each one on earth know this  type of way of life 
of course 
not hard to know 
not hard to understand 

this mystery is inside soul too of course it is 
the inside and outside are the same 
waters flow beautiful on river 
have borders on each side rock hard with substance 
hold in the running water so it can go 
to ocean 
path is like this my dear too
hold in the flow of beauty to go directly to source 
if borders are infused with grace of guru blessings 
grace of heaven 
then waters flow to source without being caught in circles 
so easily 
treading water 
here i am in same spot again 
here i am feeling same like never changing 
need to flow to heart now and always 
to die to death of all 

this one writes here not knowing what comes 
my dear 
can you know that things just happen spontaneous 
without our participation
come now 
one need make efforts to be still
and then something else emerges 
opens of itself

here now 
is this writing today 
bring to heart and smile 
flower blooming brightly in the garden heart 
smile now please
om shanti

Saturday, February 24, 2018

let's go on this way

oh friend
i cannot call myself anything at all
you know
i do not go around thinking
i am a nun
i am a god person
i am celibate
i am a monk
i am a sannyasi
i honestly have thought these thoughts
so little if at all
for there is only one thing to know
is the mind active or is it quiet?
now what can you place on that
that gives a symbol of identity?
all that matters is the end point
that is the beginning of life
ok so let's go on this way
in this simplicity
like this

let's go on to walk with a simple
measurement of what is central to spirit
the rest is clutter making like pieces
thrown about
silence is to come with ending the patterns
that circle like whirlpools
without end
up and down ways
back and forth ways
what we want and what is best is forward ways
towards light simplicity peace
moving that way
progress is made

Friday, February 23, 2018

Wakan Tanka - "Great Spirit"

spirit: body
body have stripes and patterns
on me
striped with symbols of like my spirit
i striped it with that with my people
it is just that way you know
it is that way
that speaks of my soul
don't make it bad people
it's the way (of our people)
as we go we put our heart
on our face and our form
of this where i live in my heart
so, listen people
listen and bond with sacredness to
what matters to you that brings love
because there is that need right now
and i want to say that i come with this ...

and now i see a native american spirit
and they are all in white and have
 the (headdress) of feathers
all in white,
so beautiful
it is like he has angel wings
it is just stunning

*now how to bring that connection to nature out
and honor it and dance with it
they did so wrong to the native americans
and really missed that opportunity

*maybe they are waiting for white buffalo

i do see the white buffalo mixed in with this native american
like they are one

spirit: we are the same
me white buffalo
in our hearts and that is a symbol
of that pure spirit

*like Wakan Tanka (translated as "Great Spirit", "Sacred" or

spirit: yes so that in us and in all beings
this is what it is

i do see also shiva with the white bull with his hand
on the (bull's) head like this
and shiva and the native american
have their hand up like no fear
their spirits are overlaying each other
they are one and the same

*right spirit crosses everything
it doesn't matter
whatever symbology works for you
it is the same
there is only one God energy

*and yes we need to be more in touch with the earth
for sure